Alert for 2017 peak season overload shipping problem

Recently,since the middle of November until now (6th of Dec),we have had serious parcel jams for the shipments by air from China to worldwide.

The reason is,there is a sudden sharp rise of exportation from China to worldwide in November (rised 155% compared to October),which makes all the carriers,including EMS,USPS,UPS,TNT,DHL,Fedex,have severe over-loaded problems,and tons of parcels are forced to be in queue for at least 2 weeks,waiting for boarding onto flights.

The outcome due to this reason is,many shipments we already arranged are delayed for 2-3 weeks,and some even are still waiting in queue. For some shipments with large dimensions,the customs holds and rejects, and the carriers return them.

But we would like to ask all customers not to worry about this situation,as we are trying all the time to solve the problems. For some shipments via USPS or EMS,we changed them to be via Singapore DHL which can be a little faster. For some large parcels,we have already divided them into small parcels to ensure the passing customs smoothly as much as possible and thus no returns. For the parcels which are impossible to be divided,we will arrange the shipment after Christmas or change the airfreight into seafreight,and we would like all the customers understand this situation and give us supports as much as possible.

Every year,November and December are the most busy and also troublesome period for shipments. There are 100% parcels jams and delays,some delays even last for 2 months. So if you can arrange your purchase and shopping plan earlier,such as in October,then it would be much better and you can have your orders arrive with no worries before Christmas.