Color Swatch

We offer various colors to customize the furniture and related products for customers. So you can find here large scale of color swatches of different materials, including:




ABS / Plastic


Please click the material to see the color swatch for them.

Please be noted of several points before you want to request the color customization:
1) For some products, there is no minimum quantity requirements for the customization of certain color, in another word, even for just one piece, we can make it with the color that you want.
But for some other products, there is a minimum quantity needed to produce with the color specified by you.
So please contact us at first if you have the unique color requirements for certain products.

2) We have prepared the Real Color Swatch for you and can send you by mail for you to see them in person with your eyes.
There is always a color difference on different computer monitor under different background or lights, so what you see may be not exactly the color of what you are going to get. 
In that case if you are sensitive about certain color,we would like to suggest you to request the Real Color Swatch to be mailed to you. 
Mailing the Real Color Swatch will cost some fee as we need to arrange labor to do this and pay the shipping fee, for the people who only want free color swatch, please do not request.

3) For the customer with purchase history with us, you can request Real Color Swatch with the points you have got from us. For the customers who buy repeatedly from us,
you can get favourable policy to customize items in colors with minimum requirements.