Discounts and Coupons from BarcelonaChairFactory

You can get coupons or discounts if you:

1. Give us feedback in our facebook page through the steps as below:

First, Click http://www.facebook.com/BarcelonaChairFactory and "Like" us

Second, post pictures of the items you have bought from us

Third,  share the experience of buying, specifying the pros and cons, as long as your comments are honest and justified, we would be more than happy to hear your critism


2. You can also get coupons or discounts even haven't bought from us before, if you give us comments or suggestions, find any mistakes in our websites or systems, to help us improve, we would like to show you our appreciations with coupons and discounts.

3. Join our mailing list, we will send coupons and discounts from time to time in our newsletter. Contact us to ask for joining the mailing list.