Wholesale & Retail

* Factory background

We are selling as a direct manufacturer, so our price is the lowest that you can ever find, with the highest quality matching that price range.  

With the strong production background, we can also customize for various quality grade, various styles, various colors with various materials.


* Wholesale & Reseller

We are mainly doing wholesale, and for most of our products, there will be no minimum quantity required, and we can ship them from China to worldwide or from local directly to your door address.

If you want to resell our products, you can simply send an email with your business details to sales@barcelonachairfactory.com, and the products details you want to get from us. 

For the qualified resellers, with more items you sell, the more discount and favorable policy you will get from us.


* Warehouse Retail

We will have items of limited quantity per month for drop buying customers, which means you can buy just one or two pieces at wholesale price.  But the quantity will be limited, as we will offer first to wholesale customers and resellers. So if you want something, please check with us for the stock first, and make decision as quickly as possible.

You can pick up at our warehouses or request we ship from our warehouses to your door address.

At this moment, we have 3 warehouses in LA, and 1 warehouse in NY. However not all of them are open to customers for pick-up orders.