Brief Introduction to BarcelonaChairFactory

Professional Chinese Manufacturer & Direct Supplier for Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Chair Factory is founded in 2000, located in Foshan city with offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou of China. We are specialized in furniture made of metal and leather from the start, and then developed into fiberglass, wood and ABS. With 15 years' experience in production and dealing with worldwide, we have grown into a very professional manufacturer, and proficient in supplying for various requirements from companies, individuals, organization and etc.

As the factory supplier, we have greatest advantage over middle sellers in your local place: Lowest Price you can find all over the world, Highest Quality within the given cost spectrum, Customization for various colors with various materials. But at the same time, with our wide network of resellers and affiliates worldwide, we can do Direct Shipping to your door address, Safe dealing with buyer protection and Full after-sale Service Ensurance.



Join our Reseller Program, make money with least efforts

We have developed resellers worldwide through which we share the products, market as well as many other resources helping buyers to get much more better service while resellers get very high margin.

If you are not ready to be a reseller, but still want to make money with us in a smaller scope, there is a very simple way for any individuals or units to get commission from us.



Why Should You Choose BarcelonaChairFactory? Because We Have Bad Reviews!

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