Customer's feedback and the story behind

 As a direct manufacturer supplying to many branded users and resellers worldwide, we have been keen in our craftsmanship improvement and technology advancement more than anything else. That is how we keep our products with sharpest competitive power in the market, and you can ALWAYS expect BEST Quality with LOWEST PRICE from us.( Enroll our "Drop buying at Wholesale Price Program" to see how cheap and easy to buy from factory directly )

But unfortunately our success makes some middlemen competitors who resort to faking bad reviews to deter our business when they finally realize they have no chance to win over us. So we decide to publish a little part of the reviews and feedbacks from our real customers, sharing our business experience, the purpose is to disclose the truth and dispel rumors, but also to save your time when you try to search for our background and dismiss the doubts of ordering from an oversea supplier.

We don't want to say that we are PREFECT through this review page, but we do keep improving and making progress. As long as you buy from us, your reviews, no matter bad or good, will help us better and better. So We Value You and We Thank You.


 Reviews and News in FaceBook

We upload into Facebook with reviews and pictures from our real customers, we also publish there various information including the Promotion, Techniques Improvement, Newsest Product Developed. You are suggest to LIKE and Follow the page, and get the quickest news from us.

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 Reviews from Projects for Individuals and Firms

We have done a lot of projects for individuals and companies.To save time, we only show 4 of them here,by publishing the whole process of the transaction, you can see how we communicate, how to proceed to ensure a satisfying result.

(1) Home Project for Noah Kaufman

(2) Restaurant Project for Reaching Quiet

(3) Office Project for Atlanta West Dentistry

(4) Film Project for Twenty First City


Reviews from Emails of Previous Years (2010,2011,2012)

99% customers will send their feedbacks simply in the email when they get the items from us. We captured some of them from previous emails in the before. 


Reviews from Forum

Some customers posted their buying experience from us in the forum some years ago when rumors arised on the scam review website. http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/hot-deals/1017619


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