Choose us due to bad reviews

Since the time we started selling online on 20th of Dec, 2009 (Domain Certificate)until today (28th of Dec, 2016), there are around 15-20 bad reviews throughout the internet if you search for us online. 

We have no intention to argue for most of them, but there is one among them, which we admit as a very true bad review, which also became the trigger and spur for building our whole system.

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How this True Bad View Spur Us to Build the System to Supply Factory Wholesale Price to Retail Buyers

Since we started the supply of very competitive Factory Wholesale Price with no bulk quantity required, more and more customers come to us, which causes the middlemen in the local market lose profit sharply, so they try to attack us, use tricks and traps to regain the business.

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We were also blackmailed by the evils trying to rob us with the bad reviews they fabricated,we fought with other sellers who has the same encounters and got them successfully discarded from googld rating system.
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We are the maker, we have spirit of craftsman and the maker's principles, this distinguishes us from shifty middlemen, but also makes us not liked by some people who are used to being flattered and treating shopping as patronizing in the manner of real GOD.
We are candid, we don't do business in that way. So it would be important for you to know our Principles as a Maker if you are going to buy from us.


With Principles, we obtain good customers who give us a lot of supports, as well as some bad ones who actually didn't buy but post bad reviews just because of not happy.We are now posting our experience with them, so you can understand why we got bad reviews but still developing fast.
Good customers & Bad ones


Now regardless of the reviews, we are proud we are making something, a trend that you are buying directly from the manufacturer with the lowest price, high quality, with the ensurance of systematic supply service, and favorable to environment
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