Pls take 5 munites to read before you order

1. The price on this website is for Wholesale Quantity NOT for drop buying, it is the Out-of-Factory (EXW) Price without any shipping fee or related fees. If you are drop buying and need shipping to door, for USA buyers, please click here and place the order on the website of our USA primary distributor, for buyers from other countries, please click here. If you want, you can also contact us to get a quotation for drop buying quantity with shipping to door, but the amount is definitely not the price you see here on this website.

2. After you place the order and make the payment, we will send you an email to confirm every detail of your order again, in case you have any special requirements that you didn't specify or even didn't notice. We do this in order to achieve your 100% satisfaction, because even we offer favourable return policy, returning the parcel due to unsatisfaction will cost you money, time and energy. 

Pls take a referece from this email between us and a customer from France.

To protect his privacy we hide his email but all the information are authentic. You can click to enlarge the picture

We do this to ensure you the happiness when opening the parcel. So please make sure you leave your full details, especially an email address that we can reach you easily. We suggest you use gmail, because hotmail or other email always has problems about blocking and spaming. We also suggest USA buyer can leave your cell phone so we can send you SMS which is much more convenient than email.

3. Under 90% situation, the amount you see in our drop buying website is the final amount you will be charged. But sometimes, due to some unpredictable reasons, the amount would have some changes, especially during the peak season shipping parcel from China to worldwide would rise a lot than usual.

In this siuation, we will put your order on hold, and contact you with a final amount. If you accept, we will charge accordingly and proceed, if you do not accept, the order will be canceled and refunded fully. In another word, your money is safe with ordering on our website, nobody can take it without your confirmation.

4. No matter how carefully handled, there are always some unexpected happenings. So we want our customers to understand that, buying and selling is more a cooperation than just a patronage.

After your payment, we need you to provide full details of shipping address, mail box is not working if we ship you large parcels for such as lamps or chairs.

In some situation, we would need you even more understanding and trust.  Below is a good example: 

we shipped a set of Eames style lounge chair in custommized color to Mr Blue from TX, which was shipped together with other customers' orders, but don't know why, other parcels passed the customs smoothly, but his was seized by the customs and asked for more documents to be cleaned. so we had to report to the customs with more data to retrived the parcel, and reshipped it. This seriously delayed the order, so we sent a gift as compensation.

Please believe that there is no one in this world more than us to hope the parcel arriving you smoothly and quickly. We will try every effort to make that happen, sometimes accidents happen, but we will ensure you zero loss.

5. There are some bad reviews online about us, we don't want to argue about that as it is not worthy of time and energy. But we do have the backbone not surrendering to anyone who tries to use bad reviews to blackmail.

We just want to say, for the person with a buying intention, who treats himself as the Gold, if the price he wants can not be achieved, then starts to shout and curse, calling others as spam and fraud, spreading rumors and slanders, we sincerely ask him to go elsewhere.

Probably those middlesellers are the best solutions for your style, as though their final price is much higher, they are willing to spend time to call you and bargain with you repeatedly.

As for us, we are dealing with business customers much much more than retail customers, our quality is commercial standard instead of normal usage, and with forever maintenance instead of disappearing after 2-3 years as middle sellers, which decides:  time and efficiency are very precious to us, we don't want to spend time in bargain.

Below is an example, not a happy email, but the truth to state our standing point

6. Discount, Coupons & Feedback

We welcome customers to give us feedbacks, suggestions, criticisms, any ideas or thoughts as long as it is true and honest.

If you bought our products, and feel the pro and con, we would like you to post your thoughts on our facebook via:

if you can post the feedback with pictures there, we will return you with discounts and coupon. For some customers outstanding, we will send gifts, and further the customer share with which you will get bonus at the end of every year with company profit.

If you find any problems regarding our service or website, you are also welcome to report to us, we will also return you with discounts and coupon.

If you want something with a special requirements or target price, you can advise us with your thoughts.

You can directly send us an email, or add us on Skype, or simply, contact us via Livechat or leave message via livechat there, but pls make sure your email or phone can be reached so we can contact you in time to solve the questions or problems.