Standard Grade Barcelona Chair

In our Standard Grade Barcelona Chair, we will use real calf leather for the front of cushions, while PU leather on the back.


The real calf leather we use is the first layer of calf skin or cattle leather, which is with a top quality.

You can click here to know more specification and comparison about the different calf leathers.


To use the PU leather on the back, the reasons are two:

First, PU leather as a synthetic leather, is good at the anti-friction and as the back of the cushions it will touch the frame and carry

all the loads, it would be better to enlong the usage of the cushions.

Second, PU leather is a little cheaper in the cost, which will make the total cost much more favorable for customers.


But just as we describe in the passage of "Cheapest Barcelona Chair", the PU leather we used is a high grade leather, to use PU leather

on the back wouldn't effect the qualiy. And some customers will have questions that, if using PU leather on the back, whether the color

of the two sides can match perfectly? The answer is definitely YES. We will use the PU leather of the same color, which wouldn't effect

the elegance at all.


The cushions below are all made of real calf leather in front and PU leather on back, you can see there is no difference at all at the first sight.