Super Grade Barcelona Chair

For Super Grade Barcelona Chair, we will use REAL Italian Leather to make the cushions on both front and back.


Italian Leather is a leather imported from Italy, and although in the first glance, it looks the same with the real calf leather, but if you touch it, you can feel it is more soft, and the lines in the leather is well organized.


Because the Italian Leather must be imported from Italy, there are additional shipping fee and tax in the cost, so Italian Leather is much more

expensive than real calf leather produced in China. To save cost and make more profit, many sellers use the fake Italian Leather normally the calf

leather, and sell them as italian leather. The Italian leather is around 3-5 times more than real calf leather, if the chairs is sold less than $1000 in the

normal average market, it is impossible for the seller to cover the real Italian Leather, and it must be a fake Italian leather there.


Though it is very hard to decribe the difference of Italian leather from other type leather in the picture, we try to use a Black Cushion made in

REAL Italian Leather to compare with a White Cushion made in Real Calf Leather. You can see a little difference from their grains, their gloss,

but the big difference is the feeling when you use hand to touch them. REAL Italian Leather is very soft.