Introduction about BarcelonaChairFactory

Who we are

  • Foundation

    Founded in Foshan city of China, setting up the production line for furniture particularly made of metal and leather.


  • Starting OEM production

    All the machines for Moulding System had been successfully organized and tested, establishing our strong capacity for customization and enabling the acceptance of strict orders from big brands as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)


  • Operating offices expanded

    Our parent company had expanded operation offices from 5 to 10 in the key Port Cities in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong Province, furthermore enhancing the smooth exportation of our products from China to USA and worldwide.


  • Production line expanded

    Expanded the production line for ABS and fiberglass processing, launching the production plan for massive indoor or outdoor furniture made of ABS and Fiberglass.


  • Production line expanded third time

    Expanded the production line for wood processing via investment and holding.


  • Started taking retail orders

    Started to sell directly to retail customers and accept drop buying orders. While at the same time, BarcelonaChairFactory.com had been set up.


  • Started building the systematic supply chain

    Diana Wellenbrink spent $2464 for two LC3 3 seaters sofas, a bench, two Barcelona-style chairs and ottomans, 6 Eames style dining chairs in the EXW terms. She would spend more than $10,000 for those items if buying locally, while buying directly from us as a manufacturer she could save huge but she needed to arrange shipping and importation by herself. We helped her find a shipping agent in the USA, but the shipping agent didn't buy the insurance for her as she never asked neither. Unfortunately, the 2 sofas got damaged during the transportation, Diana asked us to compensate and we refused based on EXW terms. (click to get full details of this true story). To revenge, she then posted bad reviews against us all over the internet including the notorious review website resellerratings. The latter began to blackmail us by fabricating bad reviews and asking us to pay the high membership fee to eliminate them.(Click to get the full details about the resellerrating scam and the Review Dark Industry) This incident directly became the trigger and spur us to consider building a systematic supply chain to get our products delivered to the retail buyers smoothly and efficiently

    June, 2010

  • USA affiliate company founded

    Our USA company had been founded, and started to set up the warehouses and transportation systems within USA, later expanded to cover all the American continental market including Canada, Mexica and other south American countries.

    October, 2010

  • Upgraded supply system

    Upgraded the internal supply system in China, and developed the Accurate Inspection Procedure and QC system before shipment which made the damage rate successfully drop to 0.01%.


  • "Forever Maintenance" started

    Launch "Forever Maintenance Policy" after the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" (click here to know why we offer "Forever Maintenance Policy)

    March, 2012

  • Lighting production started

    Set up the Lighting Factory in Zhongshan city of China via investment and holding, enhancing the matching offering ability to large projects such as big hotels, restaurants, malls, exhibitions.


  • Set up warehouse in Europe

    Set up the first warehouse in UK, then closed and changed to German in 2020.


  • Accomplished PRS system

    Successfully integrate Database of PRS system into our daily business operation, which we have spent millions of dollars since 2015, and finally accomplished after 7 years. With this data processing system, every single snippet of the procedures can be digitalized, controlled, and operated automatically or semi-automatically. Together with the Immersive Virtualization Technology, our partners and major customers are able to remote-control each step of the whole supply,starting from raw material, moulding, producing, painting, QC, packing and shipping. Customers can easily access all the crucial data, and decide on any part of the production including color, material, style, price and quality.