Brief Introduction on Barcelona Chair Factory

General Information About Barcelona Chair Factory

Barcelona Chair Factory is founded in 2000, located in Foshan city with offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou of China.

We are specialized in furniture made of metal and leather from the start, and then developed into fiberglass, wood and ABS. With 15 years' experience in production and dealing with worldwide, we have grown into a very professional manufacturer, and proficient in supplying for various requirements from companies, individuals, organization and etc.

As the factory supplier, we have the greatest advantage over middle sellers:

Cheap price with ensuring quality

With the powerful technical background, we can offer Lowest Price you can find all over the world, While Highest Quality within the given cost spectrum.
Take a Factory Glance and get a preliminary image about our production lines and how we make each part for a Barcelona Chair

Customization capacity

We can customize for various styles, of different sizes, with various colors in various materials.
Customers can choose various materials from the color swatches we offer.

Supply Network Covering Worldwide

We have resellers and affiliates worldwide, we can do Direct Shipping to your door address, Safe dealing with buyer protection and Full after-sale Service Insurance.

Forever Maintenance

If you are our customer, no matter how long you use the products offered by us, you can find yourself with sales or technical support all the time for any problems during the usage. Click here to know the real examples from the people who have bought from us and see how they save money and troubles with our policy of Forever Maintenance.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As a manufacturer, we are keen on the perfection of our products, as well as our supply and network.
You can find clues from those FAQ about how we do business and offer you 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We are authentic enterprise, we make mistakes in our growth and development:

But we never stop learning from the mistakes and correcting them.
Thus you shall know the bad reviews on us, and the story and the truth behind it.
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