Why should you choose or not choose us

Why should you choose us

As a manufacturer based in China while building the sales network worldwide, directly selling to end-users with the factory price and customization, we always believe that the Products Quality and Supply System are our core competence.

So if you are keen on quality and techniques,you shall choose us, because:

1. We are the manufacturer willing to spend tons of money keeping upgrading techniques, and refining every aspect of the product constantly, so a product can achieve its most comfort and longest life span.

Take Barcelona Style Chairs as an example, from leather to frame, from curve of the cushions to the size of the foot protectors, we have refined the craftmanship to the biggest extend.

Even for small accessories, such as the Barcelona Chair Straps, we have developed new materials and exclusive technology to make it able to load 300kg in one single piece without breaking.

While some Canadian middleman still sells the obsolete PVC straps which are eliminated by us a long time ago due to inferior quality, because they never have any R&D ability to refine.

Same situation with Eames Style Lounge Chair we offer.

If you go through the product description via the above link, you will find that not only we use some new technology that even the Original Version never has, such as double-sided painting for the veneer which makes the chair even more beautiful, we also have developed a self-renewal mechanism for this chair, which is, you can change any part of this chair to keep it as new and vivid as you want. For example,If you want a new color, no need to buy a new chair, simply change the cushion cover at a very small cost.If you damage the veneer, simply change the veneer. If the accessory is missing, then get an accessory for free.

2. We are a maker paying great attention to small details.

To make products with better details will increase the cost to a high standard, we always do that. Just as a Chinese proverb says: Subtlety Shows Spirit. That is also why many brands choose us to do OEM production for them.

Compare the Egg Chair we made with the same style from other sellers

Compare the Oluce Table Lamp we made with the same style from other sellers

Compare the Serge Mouille styles lamps we made with the same style from other sellers

3. We always want to make the products unique and special for you.

What are the furniture, lightings, decoration and all those products you buy from us?

We think they are the constitution of your Home, Office, Business and etc. They are parts of your personal space and environment.

We believe an environment according to your personality will bring you a sense of belonging, making you happier, more creative, and positive.

That is why we offer customization nearly to all of our products.

You want a favorite color, yes, choose any color you want from the Color Swatch. You want to make the size smaller or larger to fit, yes, send the dimension you want and we will do that. You want to amend the style, yes, send the picture or drawings, we can do that too.

Though under certain circumstances, customization will cost higher than normal, but we have taken efforts to make the cost as low as possible, especially for drop buying customers.

For example, for all the PU leather products, customization for special colors is almost free. For real leather, we have expanded regular colors with more choices.

4. We insist to save NOT waste.

One of the things we hate Amazon most is that, they use their monopoly to make buyers developing a very bad habit of purchasing things casually without knowing the products clearly, then returning the items at free.

We strongly oppose that kind of business conduct, why? Because it causes a lot of waste.

During the whole process, the warehouse preparation is wasted, the packing is wasted, the shipping fee is wasted, no mention there are damages happening in the transportation.

That is why when we get orders from our customers, we will check and confirm with them for all the details, to make sure what they get is what they want, nothing will be wasted in the whole process.

That is also why we have this "Forever Maintenance Policy"

It is not only a policy to attract business, but more, we want to help our customers save the products from being dumped casually.

Once you go through the details and examples via the above link, then you will understand, in many circumstances, you just spend $10 to get a new accessory, then saving hundreds of bucks to buy a new lamp.

Many people coming to us, asking for accessories to save their damaged products, but we have to refuse, why? If you never bought this product from us, how can we make sure our accessories will fit? If we offer, it will become waste again.

Yes, let's save not waste. Enjoy our life while at the same time, save our vulnerable planet.

If you believe in systematic operation and profession, you shall choose us:

1. We have developed a systematic product database, integrating product data directly from our production line, so in that way, the newest developed styles can be found within 48-72 hours in our websites and supply chain.

2. We also have developed a complete transportation network, from China to worldwide, with warehouses in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Chile, and with shipping agents or shipping transmit in every country, which makes sure no matter where you are, the products will be shipped to your door address.

3. We have developed a monitoring system that once you place the order, you can have all-round monitoring, tracking and controlling for the whole process from sampling, production, QC, packing, fumigation and quarantine, Loading, trucking and etc, accessing easily with your account, or phone or email.

4. We will handle all the problems, and undertake all risks and charges during the transportation there is no second payment from customers, you will have the peace in mind from the beginning to the end.
* What do we do for shipping damages? We buy the insurance and compensate you
* What do we do for shipping delays? We give you pre-notice and cooperate with our shipping company and agents to solve
* What do we do for force majeure such as in Covid-19 many shipments were delayed seriously? We give you full refund.

Why should you not choose us?

In our opinion, Customer is not the God, Customer is the Teamworker.

You shall not choose us if you don't want to cooperate:

1. Don't want to confirm the order details and shipping information
2. Shout and curse if we haven't replied the email within 10 munites especially during the time differences when we are off duty
3. Tangle us with the same question every day, misusing buyer's rights and wasting our time.

You shall not choose us if you believe deeply in "Customer is God", and support the behaviors below:

1.Trust online reviews where fake customers defaming honest business without taking legal responsibilities, instead of believing in the profession and solid proof from real buyers
2.Ignore the complicated reality, forcing the world to run only for your satisfaction, if no then threat with bad languages and reviews.
3. Attack us with a ridiculous superiority and arrogancy
4. Blackmail with bad reviews for discounts.

We strongly suggest the people above searching elsewhere and sincerely appreciate that you don't choose us even don't contact us./