Average Grade Barcelona Chair

Since December of 2014, we have upgraded our technique for barcelona chairs and all furniture made of leather.


In the before, we used top layer of calf leather, those kind of leather is already quite excellent in quality especially endurance,compared to the second layer of leather, which is usually used by many sellers, especially middle sellers,in order to cut cost,also known as the bottom grain leather.

You can get a rough view by the pictures as below to know the differences between the top layer calf leather (also known as top grain) and the second layer leather.


But from Decembmer of 2014, we are using Italian leather instead of normal calf leather,which is even better than the top grain leather.

Many sellers would call their products made of "Italian leather", but in fact, they are using fake italian leather, which are just normal calf leather, even the crappy quality leather such as second layer leather.

What is "Italian Leather"?

Italian Leather is also a kind of geniune calf leather, but produced particularly in Italy and Europe, and needs to be imported into China. Italian leather has the great reputation in the worldwide industry due to its high quality and highly developed process techniques.
Compared with the normal calf leather, it is with higher density grains and very very soft when you touch it. It has a natural gloss on the surface of the leather which makes the whole furniture even more elegant.

In the middle of the year 2014, the processing technique of leather in China has rised to a new level, which the leather factory we cooperated started to develop a new technique industrially named "heaten conglutination" to make leather for furniture. With this technique developed, we import from Italian the raw materials and process it into finished leather in China, we can keep the leather with the original softness and density, while the cost of Italian leather can be reduced much. This quality of Italian leather can mostly match originally processed ones, though there are still some distances, but already the top quality within the cost and best technique to ensure a beyond-value chair.

Below is the italian leather we use to make barcelona chairs for a customer. No mention the color, the cushion craftsmanship, the matching higher grade straps, looking at the first picture of the leather,under the flash lights, you can see very clearly the individual grains in the leather surface, which can show exactly how execellent the leather is. Click the pictures to get bigger.

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We are not only keep the best quaity in the "grain" aspect, but also make the softness of feeling much better. Click to see the details about the test and examination between us and one customer.


Below are some customers' feedback regarding the updated cushions, click to see the big pictures and clearly.





Below are some customers' feedback regarding the updated cushions: