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Brief Introduction of Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona Chair originally designed by Ludwig Mies van der in 1929 brings a famous conception to Modern Design Works which is "Less is More", thus pursued and admired by thousands of people for centuries even until today.

As a direct manufacturer, we produce in OEM term since 2000 for many famous brands offering either the highly qualified reproduction of Barcelona Chair or original, the whole chair or accessories.

Details of Craftsmanship:

As a professional manufacturer, we refine and perfect on every piece of details. Walk through the details as below, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions


We can offer various dimensions for Barcelona chairs, including regular size(original size),kids size, enlarged size, and any Customized size.
Click here to know about the specific details of Barcelona Chair Dimension as well as related styles


We can offer various kinds of leather in various colors for the barcelona style chairs and furniture we produce.

Click Barcelona Chair Leather to have a rough idea about 4 different types of leather we usually use, and make a good comparison of the good material we use and the inferior material of bottom grain from some low-priced middle sellers.

By using different grade of leather, we can offer the chair in different grade, click below to know the details:

Average Grade

Standard Grade

Higher Grade

Super Grade

Luxury Grade

* Italian Leather VS Aniline Leather


Normally we use the high-density sponge with 9-10 cm thickness to make the barcelona chair cushions, and the thickness and the elasticity can be adjusted on your request especially in bulk quantity. It is anti-fire of US standard, with the poly foam in the surface to maintain. so the cushion is very elastic, enduring, and comfortable at the same time. But we still can offer various options for sponge to make the cushions softer or harder based on your unique requirements, click here to know more details about Barcelona Chair Sponge

Back of the cushion:

Using different materials on the back of the barcelona chair cushion is also a big technique to keep the chair durable and elegant.
Click here to know more details about our craftsmanship for the back of the cushion, and know what kind of choice you can have.

Curved angle:

You may not even notice, but we do offer curved angle for the barcelona chair cushions
Click to know more details about this curved angle of barcelona chair cushions.

Piping and Button:

Piping and button is small but a very important part in barcleona chair cushions to make the elegance, the quality of them also affect directly your experience with this chair.
Click to know specifications on this point and know what you should do to ensure a nice and endurable barcleona chair.


Frame is a crucial part to bear all the burden on this chair, thus it is the easiest part to get broken.
Click here to get knowledge about how to get your chair last for decades without problem.


We have exclusive techniques on the Barcelona Chair Frame Straps which can load 300kg and last 10 years.
Click to know details on Barcelona Chair Straps with 10 years quality that exclusively developed by us


The Barcelona frame and straps are loading 100% weight from the barcelona chair, thus the nails play a crucial part to keep the chair's lifespan as long as possible.
Just as we always use the best materials in all aspects of the Barcelona Chair to ensure the decent quality, even the naills from us is much stronger than the average market.

Click to know details on Barcelona Chair Nails offered from us

Foot Protector Case:

If you have delicate flooring, the foot of Barcelona Chair may cause certain damages, thus you need the foot protectors.
Click here to know how to use Barcelona Chair Foot Protectors to prevent damages to floorings

Various Colors:

We can offer various colors, you can follow the links below to see many real pictures of the barcelona chairs made in different colors.

Black Barcelona Chair

White Barcelona Chair

Off White Barcelona Chair

Cream Barcelona Chair

Red Barcelona Chair

Orange Barcelona Chair

Chocolate Brown Barcelona Chair

Dark Coffee Brown Barcelona Chair

Green Barcelona Chair

Dark Tan Barcelona Chair

Saddle Barcelona Chair

Camel Barcelona Chair

Khaki Barcelona Chair

Mustard Brown Barcelona Chair

Sorrel Barcelona Chair

Purple Barcelona Chair

Beige Light Yellow Middle Tan Barcelona Chair

Grey Green Barcelona Chair

Gloss Maroon Red Barcelona Chair

Blue Barcelona Chair

Olive Barcelona Chair

Fabric Barcelona Chair

Though the Barcelona Chair was designed originally in leather, Fabric Barcelona Chair still a piece of artwork, a variant glory especially to the vegetarians.
Following the links below, you will be lead to some Fabric Barcelona Chairs we made in the different fabric for our customers, real pictures, high profile, elegant simplicity.

Fabric Barcelona Chair in Blue Rhombic Fabric

Fabric Barcelona Chair in Flocking Grey Fabric

Fabric Barcelona Chair in Print Fabric

Fabric Barcelona Sofa in Jean Fabric

Compare Barcelona Chair and Know How to Choose

* Compare Barcelona Chair from us with other sellers

If you search online, all the sellers of Barcelona Chair would tell you their offers are the best quality, premium grade, but their prices differ from $200-$2000. How do you distinguish? Are they telling the truth?
So what we are gonna do here is, as a manufacturer, offering you the tool by analyzing the real cost. After all how much does it cost to make a barcelona chair?
How low price can a qualified barcelona chair be?
The Cheapest Barcelona Chair we can offer
How to choose a Knock Off Barcelona Chair between low prices and high prices?

* Compare Barcelona Chair in different grades

Since we can offer you various grades of barcelona chair at different prices, which grade you should choose? Click here to get some tips about Choose the Best Barcelona Chair Grade

* Compare Barcelona Chair from us with the Original Version

The original version is definitely a classic chair not easy to go beyond.But you can still make a simple comparison between the chair we offer and the original version by clicking here.

Forever Maintenance Policy

The biggest advantage of buying from the manufacturer is: no matter how long you use this chair, you can always have a backup to fix any problems with this chair. While buying from a middleman, they can only suggest you buy a brand new one.

* Here are some more tips about how to maintain a Barcelona Chair

How to clean Barcelona Chair

How to Repair Barcelona Chair and Replace the Broken Straps

How to Replace Barcelona Chair Cushions

Buy from us, Know about us

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Authentic Feedbacks from Real Customers

The real customers are always quiet.

They place the order, make the payment, get the parcel, use the product, they don't bother to make a sound unless there is a problem. So getting their feedbacks or reviews is a quite hard job, no mention good reviews, because just as "No news is the good news", here "No feedback is the good feedback".

There are many websites of middle sellers, in which you can read a lot of good reviews, but probably 99% of them are written by the sellers themselves.

We never do that.

If we need to show the feedbacks from customers, we will publish the authentic whole transactions instead of some fake good words.You will see the tracking No., the correspondences between the buyers and us (private information will be shielded as protection. WE NEVER DO FAKE REVIEWS as some Canadian middleman and USA review websites usually do

Feel free to know the real worlds from the authentic feedbacks by click here

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