Dimensions of Barcelona Chair Sofa and Barcelona Furniture

The Regular and Original size of Barcelona Furniture are just as the pictures below show:

Barcelona Chair Dimensions: 30"w * 30.5"d * 31"h                                   Barcelona Ottoman Dimensions: 22"w * 24"d * 17"h              


Barcelona Loveseat Dimensions: 59"w * 30.5"d * 31"h                                   Barcelona Sofa Dimensions: 70"w * 30.5"d * 31"h              


Barcelona 2 Seaters Ottoman Dimensions: 59"w * 30.5"d * 31"h                                   Barcelona 3 Seaters Ottoman Dimensions: 70"w * 30.5"d * 31"h              


Barcelona Short Bench Dimensions: 59"w * 30.5"d * 31"h                                   Barcelona Long Bench Dimensions: 70"w * 30.5"d * 31"h              


Barcelona Daybed Dimensions: 77.95"L * 38.58"W * 16.93"H

Barcelona Square Table Dimensions: 35.4"L * 35.4"W * 18.11"H                                   Barcelona Rectangular Table Dimensions: 47.2"L * 25.6"W * 16.93"H              


But we also offer other sizes as well as customized size. Such as Children's Barcelona Chair as below


Below is 165cm wide customized size for a customer