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Brief Introduction of Blue Rhombic Fabric Barcelona Chair Cushions

This Blue Fabric is Rhombic fabric which is a comparatively hard fabric with holes, thus it can bring a cool feeling when sitting on it, especially good for summer or hot areas.
You can click here to see a whole Barcelona Chair made in Blue Rhombic Fabric. The Blue color of Rhombic Fabric Barcelona Chair Cushions, with white straps from the solid stainless steel frame, just as the color of the sky with clouds, does it make you think of a holiday at sea?
Piping, button, cushion straps are all made of this fabric.
Normal dimension is: 
Seat Cushion: 76*54*10cm ( which is 30*21*4 inches)
Back Cushion: 76*50*10cm (which is 30*19.6*4 inches)
Ottoman Cushion: 61*54*10cm ( which is 24*21*4 inches).
But we can customize any size for you.
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Details of Craftsmanship:

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Blue Rhombic Fabric Barcelona Chair Cushions

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