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Brief Introduction of Barcelona Chair Straps

Barcelona Chair Straps usually are invisible in Barcelona Chairs, but play a critical role in the function of this chair. Usually, those straps need to support 100-300lb loads, consistently and every day, in some commercial circumstances, the usage is even frequent. So it is not strange that when it comes to damage, the straps are always the first part to be broken in a Barcelona Chair.

Thus the elasticity and tenacity are the two key factors which we need to embed into this small thin straps with our technology.

AS direct OEM manufacturer for many famous brands for years, we have developed the exclusive technique for composite leather which can ensure the straps used even in commercial circumstances for at least 10 years without any problem, this is our exclusive advantage that you can never get from other sellers.

Details of Craftsmanship:

Price & Different Grade:

The Barcelona Style Reproduction Chair in the market vary from cheap and low quality to expensive and high-end, thus we offer different grades with the corresponding cost to make sure you can get the affordable replacement straps for your chairs.
But we would suggest you choose higher grade even for low grade and cheap chairs, because in the long run, fixing one time and using for more than 10 years is much economic than fixing 2 or 3 times with average grade.

Nylon Barcelona Straps: Cheapest and have reported by customers not strong enough to bear the burden

Average Grade Barcelona Straps: Low price, $5 per piece, with a quality warranty of 3-5 years of non-broking.

Package of Average Grade Barcelona Straps: Economic in package, 15 or 17pcs a set, Less than $70, with a quality warranty of 3-5 years of non-broking, installation pins for free.

Higher Grade Barcelona Straps: Middle price, $10 per piece, with a quality warranty of at least 10 years of non-broking.

Package of Average Grade Barcelona Straps: Economic in package, 15 or 17pcs a set, Less than $130, with quality warranty of at least 10 years of non-broking, installation pins for free.

Real Leather Barcelona Straps: High price, $30 per piece, with a quality warranty of 5-10 years of non-broking. Because Real Leather is not as strong as composite leather, so the usage is actually not as long as higher grade straps.

High-tech Interweave Barcelona Straps: High price, $50 per piece, with a quality warranty of at least 10 years of non-broking.This technology is using 2 different leather to interweave into one piece of composite leather, thus making the straps appear with 2 different colors.


The regular size for Barcelona Chair Straps is as below, and you can cut it into any shorter length:
70cm which is 27.56" in Length
3.8cm which is 1.5" in Width
0.4cm which is 0.16" in Thickness.

We are also capable to customize any size and any color, below are some examples we customized for customers with special requests
Customized Straps in 100cm length and 5cm wide for Barcelona Daybed
Customized Straps in 79cm length and 3.8 wide in Middle Tan for Barcelona Chair
Customized Straps in 80cm length and 3.8 wide in Dark Tan for a customer for his Barcelona Chair
Customized Straps in 85cm length and 3.8cm wide in cream color for a customer for his Barcelona Chair
Customized Straps in 144.5cm length and 5.7cm wide in white color for a customer
Customized Straps in 148.5cm length and 7.5cm wide in black color for a customer

Various Colors:

We can offer various colors for the Barcelona Chair Straps.
Follow the links below, you can see the real pictures of different colors we have made:

White Barcelona Chair Straps

Coffee Brown Barcelona Chair Straps

Green Barcelona Chair Straps

Red Barcelona Chair Straps

Orange Barcelona Chair Straps

Various Colors of Barcelona Chair Straps

Compare Higher Grade Straps and Average Grade Straps:

Below is a test for the Loading Capacity and Solidity between Higher Grade Straps and the Average Straps.

We test Higher Grade Straps Which is Black first. We put one single Higher Grade Strap in Black color in the frame. First, we have 1 worker standing on the strap and it doesn't break. Then we get 2 workers standing on it with the total weight more than 300kg, the strap is still perfect.

We then test Average Strap which is White color. We put one single average strap on the frame in the contrast color-White, just beside the Black Higher Grade strap.

We have 1 worker standing on the white average strap, just after seconds, the strap breaks into 2 pieces.

Barcelona Replacement Straps   Barcelona Chair Straps




Barcelona Replacement Straps

* Technical Keypoint about Barcelona Chair Straps

Our Higher Grade Barcelona Chair Straps are made of Compounded Tendon Synthetic Leather with Thermoplastic Rubber and Supportive Canvas. This kind of straps we now offering can ensure at least 5 years without any problem even you sit and rub it every day.

Before we upgrade our craftsmanship in the straps, we made Barcelona Chair Straps with PVC leather in the single layer, which is exactly as the Average Grade.

PVC leather was a synthetic leather made by coating the Polyvinylchlorid grains into the T/C knitted fabric and then processed through the foaming. PVC was very cheap in the cost, and we thought straps were not the key parts for the Barcelona Chairs and Sofas, so if not specially requested, we used it in standard quality chairs. But later we got complaints from customers that this kind of straps was broken after 1-2 years, we felt very sorry and that was why we offered free straps replacement for returned customers on the website before. While at the same time, we started to do research on higher grade straps and upgrade the quality to be stronger and better. After updating Average Quality Straps to Higher Grade Straps, we stop offering free straps for returned customers, because the higher quality straps are qualified for a long-time usage.

The outside appearance of Average Quality Straps and Higher Grade Straps are almost the same, the big difference is the leather material has changed. Thus the previous one can not last over 2 years while the latter can endure at least 5 years under normal usage. You can get a very clear judgment and easy conclusion through pictures below by comparing their different craftsmanship as well as their distinct strength and the solidity.

Compare Barcelona Chair Straps from us and from other sellers:

Some middle sellers in the market are not qualified as a supplier due to non-manufacture, they buy from some small workshops and resell it at more than $190 per set, but most of them are made of Recycled Leather easily broken within 1-2 year.

Recycled Leather is the obsolete version of the straps we have abandoned more than 10 years ago, but due to very cheap price, they are still used in some Cheap Knock-Off Barcelona Reproduction Chairs. Below are two pictures sent from customers who come to us for help to repair their straps made of recycled leather, and the frame which is hollow and broken.

Barcelona Replacement Straps   Barcelona Replacement Straps

Barcelona Replacement Straps   Barcelona Replacement Straps

How to replace and install Barcelona Chair Straps:

You don't need to hire anyone to do the repair work, and can finish it with very easy efforts.
We offer you one-stop service for Barcelona chair replacement straps with all related tools, such as old nail remover drills, installation tool package, cleaning package and etc.
Click here to know how to replace and install the Barcelona chair straps under different situations, with what kind of tools you would need.

Forever Maintenance Policy

The biggest advantage of buying from the manufacturer is: no matter how long you use this chair, you can always have a backup to fix any problems with this chair. While buying from a middleman, they can only suggest you buy a brand new one.

* Here are some more tips about how to maintain a Barcelona Chair

How to clean Barcelona Chair

How to Repair Barcelona Chair and Replace the Broken Straps

How to Replace Barcelona Chair Cushions

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There are many websites of middle sellers, in which you can read a lot of good reviews, but probably 99% of them are written by the sellers themselves.

We never do that.

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Barcelona Chair Straps

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