Cushion Versions of Eames Style Lounge Chair

We offer you 3 versions of the cushions.

Unremovable version: In this version, you are unable to remove the cushions from the veneer.

Removable simple version: You can remove the cushions from the veneer, via simple velcro straps, the position of the cushions may have some shift after time.

Removable elegant version: This is an upgrade version, with delicately designed device. You can remove the cushions from the veneers for easy clean.

We would suggest customers take the removable version cushions, either simple or elegant version. Because we offer forever maintenance policy for our furniture, which means, when the cushions are worn with time, or damaged accidentally (such as scratched by pets), or if you want to change the color (such as from white eames to red eames), you will just spend a little for the replacement cushions at a very low factory cost offered from us, without spending huge on an entire new chair.

Compare the 3 versions of cushions.

Unremovable version: There are nails in both the veneer and the cushions. Once the two insert into each other, the cushions are stablized. Some sellers would say this can be removable also, yes, if using tools and big strength, the cushions can be removed, but it will easily damage the veneer and leather.

In this version, the cushions can be removed via the velcro straps. But after time, the stickness becomes vulnerable, the cushions may have some shift from its original position.

In this version, the removable device is more elegantly designed, 100% guarantee that no matter how many times and how long you use, there will be no damages, no shift, easy to install and uninstall.

How to remove cushions of Eames Lounge Reproduction Chair offered from us?

Follow this link to view the video of how to remove cushions of Eames Lounge Chair offered from us.