Customization and Preorder

Our Customization Capacity

As a Factory Supplier, we definitely are 100% capable of customizing as per any of your requests.

You can click here to view how we customize for Barcelona styles as the example, but actually, we do customization for many other styles, such as Eames styles, LC4 and etc.

We are very professional in customization with any material, any design, any colors, and have already customized for many customers all over the world.

How to customize

As long as you contact us with the customization requests, we will need you to provide details such as drawings, pictures, color swatch and etc, and we will do sampling first, and mass-produce only after your fully confirmation.

We are professional in production, and very sensitive in every production details, which will save you great efforts because we will take care of each aspect of the customization.

We will also control the cost of customization to be as low as possible, especially if you customize for bulk order, which will be nearly the same with the regular products.

If you customize for just one or two pieces, we can also finish your requests. But please be noted, customization will always need special materials or colors, which will cause waste if for the small quantity. But we will try to find the most economical way to save for you.