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Drop Buying at Wholesale Price

We are mainly doing wholesale, but also taking drop buying orders

We are mainly doing wholesale to company buyers, wholesalers, resellers and etc, and 95% of our products are manufactured for commercial use which makes the quality much better than the same style you buy from middle sellers.

So if you do drop buying from us, the quality is 100% ensured, and the combination of price and quality is best even the shipping fee is not low especially when we can only use airfreight and cannot use container to ship your orders.

Join our "Drop Buying at Wholesale Price" program, and you can get the lowest shipping for your drop buying orders

You can save a lot by joining our Drop Buying at Wholesale Price Program, and use our containers to ship your orders.

Every month, we need to ship 10-15 HQ containers to our resellers and wholesale buyers in USA and worldwide, and there are always empty space left in the container due to some reason, which we think now, can be used to ship drop buying orders to make you, even only buy 1 or 2 items, might spend very little for the shipping fee and related fees, thus get the almost wholesale price and save a lot finally.

So, as long as you enroll into this program before we ship the particular container, we will send you an email to notify the shipping date, and you can order anything at any quantity, and we will put your drop buying orders into this container, and deliver them to your door address.

With this program, it doesn't mean you will get the lowest price the same as our resellers and wholesale buyers, that is because we still need to clear customs and claim duties especially for your order, and when the container arrives at our warehouse, we need to open the container, take your order out and ship them separately by inland truck which will cost not low for small quantity, but at least, you will get a total final price of much lower than the average market, and the quality is much much better because it is from a wholesale production which is up to a higher standard.

How to join "Drop Buying at Wholesale Price" program?

You just contact us with the subject of "Enroll into Drop Buying at Wholesale Price Program", and we will send you further information to proceed.