High Quality PU leather on Barcelona Chair

Rumors about PU leather

Many customers have been misled by some middle sellers who try to defame us by posting bad reviews on certain notorious review website which uses bad reviews to push sellers to buy their membership. This evil ally plays a good role in misleading innocent people to buy their overpriced products.
In their sayings, PU leather is a fake leather, with stinks, and Barcelona Chairs and all the furniture made of PU leather offered from us are totally inferior products.
Below are some captured pictures of their slanders. Click them to see larger and clearer.


What is PU leather

PU leather is a synthetic Leather, made of polyurethane with canvas which is strong in tensile strength as backing (sometimes together with furs). It is not the genuine leather but made to feel, look and display properties similar to genuine leather. It is widely used to make shoes, bags, furniture, balls, luggage and etc.

PU leather can be made with wide-ranged colors, patterns and designs, for this point the genuine leather can never match.

There are also various grades for the PU leather based on different processing techniques. Some PU leather with special and complicated processing is even more expensive than genuine leather.

Click here to see the color swatch of PU leather.

We use High Quality PU leather

The PU leather we use in Barcelona Chair and related furniture is a High Quality PU leather backing inside and outside, and with furs at bottoms. It is through several processing and made with very good durability, in some extend, because of not being used in the frequently rubbing sides, it can be even more durable than Real Leather--Top Grain Real leather.

Below is a good example from a set of cushions made in 2010. The front was made of Top Grain Real leather while the 4 sides and back were made of high quality PU leather

After 8 years, now the real leather part is ripped off.

but the PU leather part is still perfect as new.

The high quality PU leather we use can match Italian leather

In our standard grade, we use Italian leather on front while high quality PU leather on 4 sides and back. In higher grade, we use Italian leather on both front, back and 4 sides.

Below is the detailed comparison between Standard grade and Higher grade, from which you can see, the high quality PU leather we use can match Italian leather very well.

In standard grade and higher grade, the front side of the Barcelona cushions are all made of Italian leather, so looking at the front the two grades are the same, and both have the natural wrinkles with pores (in the yellow circle)

When looking at the back, the left side cushion made of PU leather is more neat and smooth, while the right side cushion made of Italian leather, has the natural wrinkles (in the yellow circle)

When we take a close look at the sides of the two cushions, if not crinkling them, they look like almost same.

But as long as you press them and crinkle them, the right side cushion shows the wrinkles with natural pores while left side cushion doesn't have (compare the yellow circles of two sides)

But after the press, the right side cushion made of Italian leather has a dent (just as natural skin) while the PU leather has nothing.
(we must admit PU leather is working better in the elasticity and loading capacity, that is also why we prefer to use PU leather in the bottom)

True feedbacks from customers about PU leather

Nothing more speaks louder than customers' feedbacks about PU leather. Below are parts of their feedbacks.
Please be noted, we never play the good-review-tricks, so we don't ask customers to post good reviews for us. Under 99% situation, they only give us feedbacks in a simple word by email or text. That is why we always need to capture the pictures of emails if we want to show their feedbacks. And to protect the privacy we have to cover the necessry information.
Click the pictures to see bigger and clearer.