How to Choose Barcelona Chair of Different Grades

Five grades of Barcelona Chairs

The 5 different grades Barcelona Chairs are as below and you can click to get more details:
Average Grade Barcelona Chair
Standard Grade Barcelona Chair
Higher Grade Barcelona Chair
Super Grade Barcelona Chair
Luxury Grade Barcelona Chair
Below is the comparison between those 5 grades based on our selling experience and the feedbacks from customers.

Standard Grade has the Highest Quality to Price Ratio

The Standard Grade is only half of the price of Higher Grade, but from the outside look, almost the same with Higher grade.
You can follow this link to find the comparison between Standard Grade with Higher grade.
Thus the Standard Grade is now most popular with the market.

Average Grade is the cheapest in either PU leather or Real leather

Our Average Grade Chair is cheapest in the price within the 5 grades.
Though cheap, the quality is still with a warranty of 5 years, and the top grain leather used in this chair is the first layer of cattle leather, the PU leather used in this chair is the high quality PU leather.
You can click here to know about the Real Leather, as well as the High Quality PU leather, so you know how we keep the quality ensured for this chair.

Higher Grade is the most suitable for Business and Commercial Usage

Higher grade is using Italian leather on both front, back and 4 sides, so it is most suitable to use in some business or personal design environments that help to show the high-class and the taste.
The customers who buy Higher grade from us are most Business and commercial entity, or designers.

Super Grade is the most elegant for showing

Super Grade Barcelona Chair is using Aniline Leather, which is very elegant and expensive, thus this grade is always used for showing environment where people pay great attention to designs, such as design firm,salon or exhibition. Some companies and individuals are also buying this grade.

Luxury Grade is the most valuable for both normal usage and collectibles

Luxury Grade is made of Unique Ponyskin Leather or Cowhide Leather. It is well known that, there is no idential ponyskin leather or cowhide leather in this world. So once you own a Ponyskin Leather Barcelona Chair or Cowhide Leather Barcelona Chair, it becomes a 100% personal mark.