How to Choose Barcelona Chair From various Knock-Off Sales

Five factors to decide a qualified Barcelona Chair

In the market, there are various knock-off offers of Barcelona chairs, all of the sellers would say their quality and price are the best.
So how to choose?
Basically you need to look at 5 factors to decide.


Barcelona Chair Frame endures all the weights, which is the crucial part.
For normal customers, you are impossible to know the layers of the frame, you are also not able to tell the differences between hollow frames and solid frames, stainless steel frames and chromed frames, but you can weigh the frame.
Generally speaking, the solid stainless steel frame is the heaviest frame, and more than 15kg. Any frame less than this weight shall be with inferior quality.


The loading capacity of straps is hard to tell, but only after some time, they may reveal.
But you can try to stand on just one piece of straps and see whether the strap will break or not.
If one single strap can load more than 100kg usually it is very good quality. The higher grade strap from us can even load more than 200kg weight.


You need to take a close look at the cushions, and see the leather whether have neat pores and lines. You can also touch the leather, if the leather is too soft, it is not a qualified leather, the real good leather is with medium softness but also the good elasticity.
Try to understand different leather used in Barcelona Chair by click here.


Sponge is the most important part to Barcelona Cushions.
Usually there is a zipper at the side of the cushions, and you can unzip it to see the inside sponge.
You can use your hand to test the thickness, the elasticity, and the hardness.
You can also use a lighter to test the anti-fire capability.

Barcelona Chair Cushion Sponge

Piping and button

Piping and button are made with Real leather or high quality PU leather. So if you rub them repeatedly and they are not easily cracking off, then the quality is good.

If the skills above are too complicated, then simply trust our professionality

Simply trust us as a professional manufacturer, and contact us for any questions you have.
Or come to our showroom to see and test the real chairs with our professional sales to help you understand.
Or just directly buy and use it, we have "Forever Maintenance Policy" to give you the worry-free experience.