How to Repair Barcelona Chair Straps

Step 1, check frame holes

First of all, you need to check whether your frames have the holes into which the straps are installed or not with nails.

There are 3 situations which you shall check then decide how to repair and replace the straps.

Situation 1: The barcelona frames are with holes in perfect status, as the pictures below (click to enlarge):

Situation 2: The frames are with holes but they are stuck after usage,  just as the pictures below:

Situation 3: The frames are totally without holes for nails to install straps directly.

Step 2, Solutions for different situations

For situation 1, it is the most to repair the chairs by replacing the broken straps, you can do just 3 easy step, and get it done within around 1 hour.

Step 1: Buy the higher grade or average grade straps package through the links as below:
Higher Grade Straps
Average Grade Straps
Step 2: Check whether you have the installation tools as below:
A hole punch piler
A nailgun
Step 3: After you get all the items as above, then you can install the straps by the nails to your frame, follow the installation manual and video instruction that we send to you, it is a very easy job!

For Situation 2: The frames are with holes but stuck already.

In this situation, you can do the 3 steps just as Situation 1 as above, but first of all, you need to remove the nails with a drill.
Following this link, you can see a video to show how to remove the nails by using a drill:

You can get the drill easily from a local shop or buy from us directly.

For Situation 3: The frames are without holes or the old nails can not be removed.

In this situation, you will need to use another different way to install the straps, which is also in 3 steps:
Step 1: Click to get the Special Replacement Repair Straps Package for Barcelona Chairs
Why should you get special replacement repair straps package instead of normal ones? Because first, the straps should be at least 80cm long then they can wrap the frames. Please see the step 2 to understand more clearly how the wrapping is done. For some other sized frames, the straps need to be even longer such as 90cm.

Second, the straps must be in higher grade and very strong, not the average cheap ones, because without the pulling strength from the frame, it is very easy to break with the weak straps of the average market.
Third, the straps will be jointed together with the special nails. Once you get the special package from us, which will include the straps lone enough and the nails and hole punch piler, then you can do the step 2.

Step 2: Try to wrap the straps, and find the right place to punch the holes.
Wrap the straps around the frame as below, and find the right place, and mark it.

You shall punch at least 2 holes in each end of the straps, as this will make the straps more steadfast.

Step 3: Wrap the straps around the frame, and fix it with the nails.

For any questions about installation, please feel free to contact us