How to order

We offer and ship worldwide, but the price in the website doesn't include the shipping fee and related fees to your door address.

The price on this website is for Wholesale Quantity NOT for drop buying, it is the Out-of-Factory (EXW) Price without any shipping fee or related fees.
If you are buying several pieces and total amount is more than $3000, please go to HomeFull365.com USA which is our primary distributor,
If you are buying just 1 or 2pcs and total amount is less than $3000, please go to PrettyStores.com
You can find on those websites a total amount with all fees included to your door and can pay directly on the website.

Or to make things simple, you just directly contact us to get a quotation for drop buying quantity with shipping to door, but the amount is definitely not the price you see here on this website.

How to know the shipping fee and place orders?

Simplest way is just sending an email to sales@barcelonachairfactory.com, and specify the details as below in the email, you will get reply within 24 hours to get an exact quotation and total information:
1) What styles or Model No. do you want to order?
2) What color do you want for them?
3) How many of them do you want to buy?
4) What material do you want to make them?
5) What is your shipping address with zip code?
6) Any special requirements for size, color, material, delivery time or etc?

You can also register and login our website, and use the shopping cart to submit the order details, and get the reply from our sales by email within 8 hours.

Please be noted, we haven't installed any payment process in the website, so you will NOT make instant payment through the shopping cart after press the "confirm" button.

The payment details will be given through email after you have full knowledge about your order and confirm to proceed.

Confirm order again

After you place the order and make the payment, we will send you an email to confirm every detail of your order again, in case you have any special requirements that you didn't specify or even didn't notice.
We do this in order to achieve your 100% satisfaction, because even we offer favourable return policy, returning the parcel due to unsatisfaction will cost you money, time and energy.
Please take a reference from this email between us and a customer from France.(To protect his privacy we hide his email but all the information are authentic.) When he placed the order, he didn't specify what color he wanted, so we had to contact him again for the confirmation about color.

Read Before Order

As a manufacturer supplier, ordering from us is a little different for you to order from middlemen.
So you may need to pay 5 munites to read the related information before order.