Warehouse pickup terms

How to pick up from our warehouse

Pickup Terms from our warehouse for Retail customers

From time to time we will offer drop buying orders with the LOWEST wholesale price for certain period and certain categories, thus retail customers who just buy 1 or 2 pcs shall never expect us to act as a retail store, offering the price $200-500 lower than the retail stores while at the same time, showing and persuading you with our precious time and for free.

If you want to pick up orders from our warehouse, please pay attention to the terms below:

1. Our warehouses are mainly for cargo transportation to our business customers or wholesalers or resellers.
We offer 3-5 years quality guarantee for all our products, as most of our products are manufactured based on the wholesale to companies and for the commercial usage, so the quality is much better than the items you buy from low-grade warehouse sellings or clearance sales.
So our warehouse sale is totally from others, you don't need to worry about the quality at all.

2. We have a showroom in LA which you can visit at any time and check the items there. This is for free.
But the items in the showroom are limited, while more categories are stored in the warehouses, while entry to the warehouses would need cost.

3. Because all the items are packed well in the warehouse, and some are even with wooden frames to prevent possible transportation damages.
So basically there is no chance to unpack all our stock and definitely no place to show to you.
If you want to check, you either pay full amount, or pay $35 per item as a deposit money before entering the warehouse and if you decide to buy and this deposit money will be reducted from the total amount.
If you don't buy, this $35 will not be refunded, as our staff has spent time and energy to unpack the items, and pack them again and put them back into the rack. So this is a fair amount for the compensation to our staff.
If you don't want to pay for this amount, please go to the local stores and spend $200-$300 more there, you would probably get the same items as we are the supplier of them.

4. Once you confirm about the time for checking and picking up, after the tiny deposit, you will get a pick-up confirmation sheet, you need to print it out and show to the warehouse staff when entering.
Please make sure you show up on time, if you don't show up on time and 1 hour late without pre-notice, the transaction will be canceled automatically and forever, and the deposit will be not refunded.

Reason for why we charge full amount or deposit when picking up from warehouse

We already have encountered many customers who craved for lowest price and never treated others' time and energy seriously. The 3 of them below are BIG representative. We publishing here just want to show you the reason why this warehouse pickup terms and the deposit are necessary. We hope you can understand, and we can promise you once you buy from us, you are 100% ensured with good items, fully support and good service from us.

Example 1: Jason Liwanag

This buyer asked us to prepare several items and unpacked them for him to check, but the first time, he said about he had car problem and rescheduled. And on the rescheduled time, he didn't show up again, and didn't respond to any calls any more.
How to pick up from our warehouse
How to pick up from our warehouse

Example 2: Louis

This customer called several times for an Arco lamp, but for the first time, didn't show up and give any notice. And several days later, sent SMS asking to come again, but disappeared again without any reason.
How to pick up from our warehouse

Example 3: Dan Pace

This person, made an appointment to come to the warehouse, and before the appointed day, called and said coming within one hour, our staff rushed back from a meeting to receive him, and spent 2 hours to show him the chairs and explained very carefully for his numerous questions about the factory details and about how to make each part of the chair.
After all the questions, he called his wife and then said he and his Chinese wife needed 30% discounts. We denied as before we received him the total amount was already agreed and already the lowest. He twitched his mouth and then left.
After 3-5 days, his Chinese wife called us and talked repeatedly for more than one hour to explain and regret why his husband didn't pick up the chairs, and asked us to offer them the same cost as agreed. But we said no. We will never offer them any more.

How to pick up from our warehouse
How to pick up from our warehouse