Italian Leather VS Aniline Leather

What is Aniline leather

Aniline leather is the leather second-processed from top quality real calf leather (first layer and cattle leather), by using a soluble topcoat paint or insoluble pigments to dye it but without covering the surface. Thus this leather is with a very unique gloss and color, but different from other synthetic leather, you can see the natural pores, grains there.

So in a simple word, Aniline leather is actually a leather not referring to any grades or quality, it actually more refers to a dye process. It is adding one more processing based on the Italian leather, to make the surface with a special dye and upholstery effect. But for the leather durability, Aniline leather is the same with Italian leather.

Compare Top Grain leather, Italian leather and Aniline leather

We can show you the differences between Top grain leather, Italian leather, and Aniline leather through a picture as below:
No.1 is the authentic Aniline leather
No.2 is the Italian leather
No.3 is the Top grain leather

From this picture, you can see that, the grains of Aniline leather is even more exquisite, and the gloss is brighter due to the special additional treatment on the leather surface. Thus when it comes out of production line, the finished products made in Aniline leather looks more elegant and high-class

Aniline Leather

Products made of Aniline leather

Because the authentic Aniline leather is too expensive, so we only use it in the very high-class products. You can click the products below to see abundant pictures and get an image of this leather.

Eames style lounge chair and ottoman in aniline leather
Red Aniline Eames style lounge chair and ottoman with Walnut

The two products below in the same color but in different leather can specify their differences to the most extends:
Aniline leather Coffee Brown Eames style lounge chair and ottoman of Taller Version with tigerwood
Top gain leather Coffee Brown Eames style lounge chair and ottoman reproduction in tigerwood

Beware of fake Aniline leather from some middle sellers

There are many middle sellers online selling Barcelona Chairs or related products made in normal real leather, but advertising as Aniline leather.

First, they would say their leather is super soft so it is the premium Aniline leather.

Please be noted of this point: If this leather is too soft, it is not a good leather at all.

Here is the fact: If you touch the belly and the back of a cattle with your hands, you can feel the leather on the belly is much softer, but the leather on the belly shall not be used to make good leather products, because they lack the elasticity and stretch capacity,and easy to break.

So whether it is a good leather or not, should be decided by the tenacity of the leather, NOT the softness.

Second, they would use shiny type real leather to pretend Aniline leather.

If using a special painting in the dying, the normal real leather can be shiny, but compared to the authentic Aniline leather, the grains and pores are not processed, and can never be exquisite as Aniline leather. Please refer to the picture above for the comparison between the three types of leather.