Know us all

Let's start the journey to know about an authentic BarcelonaChairFactory from an email, which is not a happy one.

It is an insulting email from a vietnamese named jeffrey nguyen,who wrote us this email suddenly without any reason.

We call it "suddenly without any reason", because before this email, we never know this name, never deal with this person.

But if you read his email, you can find it is full of arrogance, scorn, calumniation,and malice, you will feel at the other end of your computer screen, something standing there, with an evil smile on an ugly face of the clown, shooting you with the coldest and darkest humanity.

Since the year of 2000 when BarcelonaChairFactory was founded, within the 20 years, we have gone through countless attacks like this due to our rapid occupation of the market:
Fake bad reviews
Middlemen scam
Review website scam

However, no matter how many attacks BarcelonaChairFactory encountered, we are still here, survive, develop, grow fast, and more and more prosperous.

Because we have great customers behind us:

They trust us
They become friends with us
They love us
They support us
They offered to give us positive good reviews even we never asked
They give their loyalty to us,come back and buy from us continuously

Because we are developing and improving our technique and craftsmanship all the time

Take a few styles below as an example, you can see we refine every aspect of the products for the perfection of craftsmanship
Barcelona Chair
Eames Lounge Chair

Because not only for technique and craftsmanship, we are also developing a complete supply system:

Quality Inspection System
Warehouses now in USA, later in Europe
Wholesalers and Resellers everywhere

Which enable us to solve all the problems during the supply and transportation:
How to return and exchange your order
How to Track and Receive your order
What should you do if there is a shipping delay?
How to pick up from our warehouse

Because not only we make it well, ship it well, we also maintain it well


We have the Three Maker's Principle as below:

1. Make Great Products
We will do everything we can to ensure our products with the authentic quality and matching and even exceeding the price you pay

2. Offer Great People
We will do everything we can to ensure a great transaction with great customers, while declining the people who insult, slander, disrespect and let them go away

3. Create Great Life
We will do everything we can to build a bond between China and the world. You can come to us even for something out of business, such as help for Chinese medicine, KungFu, Legal consultation, we will offer you the liaison information as much as we can.