Lowest Price for a Qualified Barcelona Chair

Cost of Every Part of a Barcelona Chair

Barcelona chair is a simple style but with a permanent glamour. A Barcelona Chair is composed of 5 parts:
5.Pipings and Buttons


To make the Solid Stainless Steel Barcelona Chair frame, we need to buy the rolled steel, and get it shaped in the machine, this is the first procedure from raw material.
Then next, workers will weld it to be a complete frame by hand, and get it through further procedures of polishing, grinding and repeatly.
The rolled steel is around $1500/ton, a frame of around 20kg will cost around $30. The following 4-5 procedures will increase this initial cost to be around $60.
This cost can be low if reducing the polishing procedures, or using hallow frames, which makes the total cost at only arond $30, but after some time it will cause big quality problems which you can click here to know more details about Barcelona Chair Frames.


After the frame is finished, we will need to install the straps into the frame.
With different quality, the straps part will cost $40-60.
You can click here to know more technical details about the Barcelona Chair Straps we offer.


Leather is the most important part for Barcelona Chair cushions.
There are different leather with different quality and price.
If using high quality PU leather, the cost will be around $70 for the 2 cushions (including a back cushion and a seat cushion). If using the low grade PU leather, the cost can be only half, but this leather will crack off after 6 months after a short time.
If using top grain cattle leather in standard grade, the cost will be $100 for 2 cushions. If using bottom grain buffalo leather, the cost is only half, but the cushions will be worn very easily in usage.
You can click here to find more details about the leather we offer in the Barcelona Chair.


We use high density sponge which will cost $30-$50 for the Barcelona Chair cushions.
By using recycled sponge can reduce this cost to be only $5, but the cushions will sink after 1-2 months.
You can click here to get more details about the sponge for Barcelona Chair.

Piping and buttons

Piping and buttons will cost $10-$20 with either high quality PU leather or real leather.
But if using low grade PVC leather, this cost can be lower as $5.
But you will encounter problems.
Click here to know the piping and button for Barcelona Chair.

Summary:How lowest can the price be for a qualified Barcelona Chair?

If you want Real leather, the lowest price can be $240-$300 without shipping fee or any other additional fees.
If you want PU leather, the lowest can be $200-$220 without shipping fee or any other additional fees.
If price lower than this, the seller must use inferior material as substitute which will cause quality problems in the usage.