Sponge used in Barcelona Chair

We use High Density and Anti-fire sponge in Barcelona Chair

There are mainly three types of sponge available to make furniture.
Cheapest: Recycled sponge
Regular: High Density sponge
Expensive: Memory sponge

At this moment, we use Memory sponge on luxury grade of Eames style lounge chair and ottoman, as this is very costly.

In Barcelona Chair, what we use is the High Density & Anti-fire sponge, it is a whole sponge of high density of 8-10 cm thickness to make the cushions.
It is anti-fire of US standard, with the poly foam in the surface to make it in a full condition. so the cushion is very elastic, enduring, and comfortable at the same time.

For some cheap middle seller, they would use recycled sponge to reduce the total cost, but that kind of sponge will cause a significant quality problem to the whole chair.