Sponges used in Eames Style Lounge Chair

We offer you 2 different sponges with high quality

First, let us show you a sponge we never use in our production but many cheap sellers use

This is called Recycled Sponge composed of used sponges, with 1/5 cost, and used widely in cheap furniture.
With this kind of sponge, the chair will sink within a very short time and impossible to recover any more.

In our production, we only use 2 types of sponge: High Density and Memory sponge

Comparison between Low Density Sponge and High Density Sponge

From the Transection, you can see Low Density Sponge is loose and floppy, and not good as the High Density Sponge in the elasticity and persistence.

We use only High Density Sponge and Memory Sponge in our Furniture and offers.