Standard Grade Barcelona Chair

What is Standard Grade Barcelona Chair

As a direct manufacturer, we are capable to meet various requirements from customers. Standard Grade Barcelona Chair is the most popular grade with both individual customers and business customers.
In Standard Grade Barcelona Chair, we use Italian leather on the front, while PU leather on the back and 4 sides. By doing this, the cost can be kept lower and the quality can be ensured for 10 years.

Why do we use PU leather on Barcelona Chair

First, PU leather as a synthetic leather, is good at tenacity. We use them at the bottom and 4 sides which can help to carry the loads.

Second, PU leather is cheaper at the cost than real leather, which will make the total cost much more favorable for customers.

The quality of Standard Grade Barcelona Chair

In Standard grade, we use Italian leather on the front. You can click here to know more details about the Italian leather we use.

Though we use PU leather on the back and 4 sides, we use high quality PU leather. You can click here to know about the details of the quality of PU leather we use in our furniture.

We offer quality warranty of 5-10 years for the Standard Grade Barcelona Chair, and after 10 years, we offer you "Forever Maintenance Policy" with which you can get replacement cushions at very low cost.

Compare Standard Grade and Higher grade

In our standard grade, we use Italian leather on front while high quality PU leather on 4 sides and back. In higher grade, we use Italian leather on both front, back and 4 sides.

Below is the detailed comparison between Standard grade and Higher grade, from which you can see, the high quality PU leather we use can match Italian leather very well.

In standard grade and higher grade, the front side of the Barcelona cushions are all made of Italian leather, so looking at the front the two grades are the same, and both have the natural wrinkles with pores (in the yellow circle)
PU Leather
PU Leather

When looking at the back, the left side cushion made of PU leather is more neat and smooth, while the right side cushion made of Italian leather, has the natural wrinkles (in the yellow circle)
PU Leather
PU Leather

When we take a close look at the sides of the two cushions, if not crinkling them, they look like almost same.
PU Leather

But as long as you press them and crinkle them, the right side cushion shows the wrinkles with natural pores while left side cushion doesn't have (compare the yellow circles of two sides)
PU Leather
PU Leather

But after the press, the right side cushion made of Italian leather has a dent (just as natural skin) while the PU leather has nothing.
(we must admit PU leather is working better in the elasticity and loading capacity, that is also why we prefer to use PU leather in the bottom)

PU Leather

How to choose?

Customers would always ask: Which grade do you suggest us to choose? Well, we have a guide for choosing between different grades, which hopefully can give you some clues or help for your selection.

Finally, if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us