Why should you choose us or search elsewhere?


We are a Chinese background manufacturer and supplier, all our products are made in China.
We are pround about this, not only because nowadays around all over the world, only China has the full categories of all industries, which provides us powerful capacity to produce all the mechadise at the lowest cost in the biggest efficiency, but also, nourished by the ancient 5000 years history, the profound cultural background and philosophy of life enlighten us what kind of enterprise we are now doing.

No matter the philosophy of Chuang Tzu, or philosophy of Lao-Tze, or doctrine of unity of knowing and acting from Wang Yang-ming's philosophy of mind, or Chinese Legalism Philosophy, during those 20 years since foundation, in the process of pursueing wealth, we also introspect our deep motions: What is the ultimate meaning of all our doings, especially after so many years' efforts and hard work we are already rich?

Only for Nice People

The conclusion is: Happiness.

We really enjoy producing the nice items and getting them onto the hands of those nice people.
Those customers, are so nice, they cooperate, understand, encourage us, share with us what they feel about our products and service.
They are the angels in real life, their reactions, feelings and feedbacks during the transactions, making a heaven which brings us a real happiness and accomplishment.
"Real customers are always quiet. They place the order, make the payment, get the parcel, use the product, they wouldn't make a sound unless there is a problem.
So asking them to leave feedbacks is bothering them, no mention writing good reviews and posting online to promote ourselves. So usually we don't ask for feedbacks or reviews from our customers at all. If they want to express, we would listen, if no, then let it be.
That is also why if we want to show you the feedbacks, we have to capture the pictures from email or text message, and we have to hide their contact to protect the privacy.
We are no interested to fabricate good reviews just as many middlesellers do, those dirty tricks are only used by those low-lives."
We scorned to fabricate fake good reviews, and never ask customers to leave good reviews for us
Click here to know the true stories between us and our customers.

The Black List

However, there are also some persons whose evil acts shall be exposed here, so you can understand what kind of darkness we have gone through.
They are the nightmares not only to us, but to anyone who are contacted by them.

Internet Rioters

They are not real customers, they are actually a bunch of losers hidding behind internet using buying as execuses to curse, attack, slander and exploit others.
All of them are nailed on this board.

Reviews Fabricators

Under the table, the Bad Reviews has become an industry already.
They push sellers to buy their membership to delete bad reviews. Not just us, many sellers have the same experience: bad reviews appearing on the reviews websites and asked to pay to eleminate
They provide freelancing service to fabricate good reviews and push down the bad reviews.
Click here to dig into more details about this dirty industry.

Middlemen Scam

They don't produce, they sell in order to scam.
Search "infurn" online, you will know how squalid those scammers are, the scammed buyers even created websites particularly cursing it for taking their money away without shipping anything. Then after this "infurn" disappeared, some other "Xfurn" comes out, such as enfurn, Gnfurn
Click here to know the details about this middlemen scam, don't buy anything from those middlemen especially from Canada and UK.

Legal Actions

For years, we have tolerated those scammers and criminals to do harm casually. But now it is time to strike back.
Click here to know the lawsuit we put up against Michelle Facktor who tries to use credit card policy to scam us
In the following days, we will file more lawsuits to take down those names one by one on The Black List.

Why you should choose us

As a manufacturer based in China having built sales network worldwide, directly selling to end-users with the factory price and customization, the Advanced Products Techniques and Full-rounded Supply System are our core competence.
We can achieve this, not because we are a profit-pursueing machine, but because we are a group of people insistent with dreams and love even got attacked,hurt and suffered.
You shall choose us if you see eye to eye on those things:

1. You understand the best value comes from a combination of good quality, advanced technique, together with a decent cost, NOT just pursue lowest price

We ensure our quality by polishing the techniques on Every Aspect of the product.
If you go through the details of Barcelona Chair, you can see from leather to frame, from piping to straps, we use the best material and craftsmanship
If you go through the details of Eames Chair,from Veneers to Cushions, from Legs Version to Metal Accessories, we keep improving and upgrading.
We use the authentic material which we advertise for instead of false propaganda, click here to see the differences when we say we use solid wood while others say they use the solid wood.

2. You want something unique and special for you only

Furniture, Lightings and Decorations are parts of your personal space and environment, a harmonization will bring up a sense of belonging, making you happier, more creative, and positive.
Our customization can make this harmonization happen by letting you choose any materials you like, any color you prefer, any size you want.
With us, you will get a product 100% special for you and none of the same in the market.

3. You cooperate with our supply chain and willing to give some patience and understanding for the solution when problems happen

We have developed a systematic product database, integrating product data from production line into our websites and supply chain.
We also have developed a complete transportation network, from China to worldwide, with warehouses in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Chile, and with shipping agents or shipping transmit in every country, which makes sure no matter where you are, the products will be shipped to your door address.
We have developed a monitoring system that once you place the order, you can have all-round monitoring, tracking and controlling for the whole process from sampling, production, QC, packing, fumigation and quarantine, Loading, trucking and etc, accessing easily with your account, or phone or email.
But it involves the cross-boards shipping, sometimes problems is inevitable. That is why we need your cooperation all the way. Confirming the shipping information, confirming the order details, checking the QC result and giving a feedback, receiving and checking the cargo in time and giving some more patience when it has delays especially due to force majeure.
Thus we can avoid the problems and make it unhappen as much as possible.

4. You trust profession instead of online rumors and resentments

As long as we are human being, we can not avoid to make mistakes.
As long as we are walking towards the sun, then we have the shadow behind.
You can not really know us if not from the darkness we have gone through

5. You treasure the Nature and care about our Earth Home

One thing we hate most is purchasing casually, then return it or throw it into garbage casually.
Because it causes a lot of wastes.
Thus for every order, we double check with customers to make sure it is not a casual purchase. And for all the product, we offer Forever Maintenance to make sure you can use the product as long as possible.

Why you should search elsewhere

In our opinion, Customer is not God, Customer is Cooperator.We are not fitting for the people with a proud mind of "Customer is God", believing the whole world is made around him or her as a buyer.
You shall search elsewhere,if:
1. Don't want to confirm the order details and shipping information
2. Shout and curse if we haven't replied the email within 10 munites especially during the time differences when we are off duty
3. Trust online reviews where anybody can play dirty without paying the price instead of believing in the profession and solid proof from real buyers
4. Not be able to adapt to changing situation, any tiny dissatisfaction will cause the threat with bad words and bad reviews
5. Attack others with a ridiculous superiority feeling
6. Blackmail with bad reviews for discounts
7. Tangle us with the same question every day, misusing buyer's rights and wasting our time
8.Bargain, Bargain and Bargain

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