An insight about Why should you choose us or search elsewhere

Why should you choose us or search elsewhere?

We are different

We are the direct manufacturer in China, NOT the middleman.

The running modes for manufacturers and middlemen are significantly different.

For middlemen, they first contract with a manfacturer for specific types of products with a bulk quantity to get a low price. After the products are done, arrange the shipment and import them into the market, and make stock in the local warehouse. Then they start to advertise and sell.

For manufacturer like us, we take orders directly from customers, 90% of them are business and commercial users with bulk quantities, which are able to support mass production and keep the cost down. Only 10% of them are retail customers.
For retail customers, we will produce based on your request, when it's done, shipping directly to you from our factory to the door address. Normally we don't make stock, the local warehouse is mainly used for distributing and transmitting. Stocking will not only rise the supply cost, it will also slow down the circulation of the cargo, which would be a disaster for a manufacturer who needs to handle thousands of batches of products per month.

The significantly different running mode leads to significantly different operating focus and conception.

The manufacturer takes pride in the products they make: how high the quality is, how advanced the techniques we use, and how further proficient we can upgrade the production line. Margin and profit are a second thought, as it is appendant to quality.

Middlemen concern more about how many they sell, how fast they can clean the stock, and how much margin they finally can make. Quality is not their primary consideration.

For example, if you have bought something from us, and it is broken after a while, not only offer maintenance, we would also treat this very seriously. Because as a manufacturer, we want you to use the product as long as possible. "Bad quality" is a huge humiliation to us.
While middlemen may not care about this too much, as long as it passes the warranty period, the faster the products get broken the more sales they can make. No mention some middlemen have already disappeared before the problems come out.

For a very long time, people always complain that, the products from China are cheap but of low quality. But have you ever given a second thought to this question: Where did you buy those cheap but low-quality products? The manufacturer or middlemen?

We need to let you know about this point, because we find it is much harder dealing with retail customers than commercial customers.
For dealings between business entities, we are all professionals who know well about the product, the industry, the process. We comply with the uniform protocol, and less misunderstanding would happen.
But for retail customers, the personalities sitting on the other side are quite various, increasing a lot of uncertainty and risks to business.

Philosophy and Principle

Within more than 20 years of long-time offerings and dealings, we are not only keeping thinking of improving our techniques and the quality of products, we are also keeping the introspection about the feelings, the motions and the meaningness of our work based on the feedback from our customers.

We are proud to be a Chinese manufacturer, not only because nowadays around the world, only China has the full categories of all industries, which provides us the powerful capacity to produce all the merchandise at the lowest cost in the biggest efficiency, but also, nourished by the ancient 5000 years history, the profound cultural background and philosophy of life enlighten us what kind of enterprise we shall be doing.

No matter the philosophy of Chuang Tzu, or philosophy of Lao-Tze, or the doctrine of unity of knowing and acting from Wang Yang-ming's philosophy of mind, or Chinese Legalism Philosophy, the wisdom from the sages is inspiring us, in the 20 years process of pursuing wealth, to solve an ultimate question: What is the meaning of all our doings? Why do we do this?

We have found some answers during different phrases, and gradually established Three Crucial Principles for our actions:

1. the longer our products sustain in your usage, the better we feel

We once got a bulk order request from a large middleman from Phoenix of USA, who put this clearly: They didn't wish the products to be durable, but only last for 1-2 years. Once the guarantee period was over and they got broken, people could buy new items and they could make new profits again.

We declined it.

It is necessary that every person should take a look at the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth", from which you may have different opinions or conceptions, but no one shall deny this solid truth: Planet Earth is our only home.

We all should care for and treasure the resources we have got from Mother Nature.

Thus, we insist to save NOT waste.

We follow this principle by producing products with the highest quality within the price range. We call it the best value, a combination of good quality with decent cost, NOT using the lowest price to lure buyers while using low-grade materials to squeeze for profit. In another word, from us, even the items with the cheapest price can be expected to be used for many years, much longer than the warranty period you can get elsewhere.

We follow this principle by stopping impulsive buying actions and declining casual orders.
One of the things we hate about Amazon most is that, they use their monopoly to allow buyers to develop a very bad habit of purchasing things casually without knowing the products clearly, then returning the items at free.
We strongly oppose that kind of business conduct, why? Because it causes a lot of waste.
During the whole process, the warehouse preparation is wasted, the packing is wasted, the shipping fee is wasted, no mention there are damages happening in the transportation which would cause the whole items wasted.
So when we get orders from our customers, we always double-check and confirm with them all the details, to make sure what they get is exactly what they want, so nothing would be wasted in the whole process.

We follow this principle by offering a "Forever Maintenance Policy".
It is not a trick to attract business, it is really that we want to help our customers save the products from being dumped casually.
You can click here to see how we helped a customer to get a new replacement accessory for free, and saved hundreds of bucks to buy a new lamp.
Sometimes people come to us, asking for accessories to save their damaged products, and we have to refuse, why? Because we can not make sure the accessories or replacement made by us will fit the items you bought elsewhere. If we accept your request, it will become waste again.
So buy from us, save for long. That is exactly how our "Forever Maintenance Policy" is doing and will do.

2. We offer only to the people who like us and we like them.

It is verified we only get along with "Cooperating" people, NOT "consumer is God" people.

May it sounds ridiculous, but we do have the backbone of the manufacturer.

It is believed that, the quality of products is actually a reflection of personality. Because we have this group of smart, hard-working people in our company, so we are able to present nice and qualified products.

Thus it is very hard for us to face people with an arrogant mind of "Customer is God", posing a patronizing gesture with an attitude that"the whole world shall be made around him or her for his or her buying intentions"

There are a lot of true stories between us and our customers, which were verified clearly, only with our unilateral efforts, without the cooperation from our customers, smooth dealing was impossible.

In the case of custommization for Jessica, if without her cooperation of checking and confirming various details all the way during the production, we could not finish the order in time and successfully.

In the case of shipping the big sofa to Lauren in 2021, due to covid and transportation congestion, we had to fast change LTL shipping to private driver shipping, if without Lauren's cooperation in paying the fee at the delivery, this shipment would be seriously delayed.

More similar stories can be found in the White List.

Due to the limited time and energy we can spend besides our hectic work, we only can sort out and record a few of them, but it is such a happiness to deal with those nice people who trust us and we like them too.

3. Be true, be direct, be honest.

To do is to be.

As a maker, you are cutting a sponge to be a certain shape. When the blade of the cutting machine goes through the sponge to the bottom, then the outcome is there. It is not virtual, not ambiguous, not blur. It is true, direct and honest.

Manufacturer is not politician. We can not profit from distortion,pretend and ambiguity. We must respect the objective world, respect the facts and respect science, otherwise, it would be a devastating disaster for the manufacture.

So pls understand that we always incline to express in a direct, true, and honest way.

Thus, when we said, the serious delay was caused by war, then it was indeed caused by war. And it was also true we had taken efforts in resending the parcel to make sure Jonathan would get his second parcel as soon as possible. We didn't lie. He did get the second parcel finally.

When we said the warehouse made a mistake by mixing the two parcels with the same product name "Tan cushions", it did happen this way. And we tried to correct this to. Otherwise, Mary, why do you think we would scam you by letting you get the tan Barcelona cushions with the value of USD435 while you only paid USD315 for the LC4 tan cushions?

If you don't trust us, why do you buy from us? We also want to ask this Mary:if there is no transmitting mistake, and you got what you want, will you tear down every inch of the items to check and make sure there is no insert, no toxicant, and no bad material? If yes, why do you bother to buy from others instead of making one yourself?

White List

"Money has never been the motion of our work and efforts, but you are."
We sort out, and published hundreds of true dealings we once had with our customers, from which you can see what kind of supplier we are, what kind of customers we want.
Business maybe needs money to move, but people can not live without feeling love and happy. Luckily, we always know what the top priority is.

Black List

"you may see despicable people here, but luckily they are just a little"
We also sort out, and published the despicable people we have met in our experience, who are the reasons and sources of those bad reviews you have see online
They are the troublemaker, the rumor spreader, the mouth shitter, the robber for others' pockets, the red eye for others' success.Everyone should avoid them.
But remember, we are living in the real world. When you stand in the sunshine, then there are shadows behind. It's inevitable, right?

Why you should choose us

You shall check the white list, you will know what kind of people we really want to deal with.

You are our precious customer, and welcome to join us for a pleasant journey in life:

1. You understand the best value comes from a combination of good quality, advanced technique, together with a decent cost, NOT just pursue the lowest price
2. You want something unique and special for you only
3. You cooperate with our supply chain and willing to give some patience and understanding for the solution when problems happen
4. You trust the profession instead of online rumors and resentments
5. You treasure Nature and care about our Mother of Mankind

Why you should search elsewhere

You shall check the blacklist, you will know what kind of people we never want to deal with.

To avoid any unhappiness and waste of time for both sides, we sincerely ask those to go elsewhere and thanks for the understanding:

1. Don't want to confirm the order details and shipping information
2. Shout and curse if we haven't replied to the email within 10 minutes especially during the time differences when we are off duty
3. Trust online reviews where anybody can play dirty without paying the price instead of believing in the profession and solid proof from real buyers
4. Not being able to adapt to changing situations, any tiny dissatisfaction will cause the threat of bad words and bad reviews
5. Attack others with a ridiculous superiority feeling
6. Blackmail with bad reviews for discounts
7. Tangle us with the same question every day, misusing buyer's rights and wasting our time
8. Bargain, Bargain, and Bargain