Black List

Black List

Why Black List

There is something we want to mention least, but they do exist in this real world. Just as two sides of a coin, it is inevitable.

You can not get the full picture until you see the dark side. And you can not really know us if not from the darkness we have gone through.

You may see despicable people here, but luckily they are just a little.

Internet rioter

They are not real customers, they are actually a bunch of losers hidding behind internet using buying as execuses to curse, attack, slander and exploit others.
They are the real-life losers thus they will throw their angers, resentments online, with an illusion that hidding behind the monitor will get them escape from legal responsibilities after hurting others.

1.Psychopaths, who relies on insulting and humiliating other to get a feeling of alive

jeffrey nguyen

2.Attackers and insulters when their low price requests can not be met

gregg clifton

jeremy speller

3.Takers and haters, who take free items as granted, and then hate when being denied.

david keindl

john lagatta

4.Grudger and sour biters, whose orders are denied or canceled and refunded by us

candace snyder

susan m middlesworth

tracy jones

jana bove

5.Cheaters, who play tricks trying to get items for free

tawnya pattie

6.Trappers and predators, who use their knowledge to set traps for predation of others

jeffrey spahn

Manipulating Liars

They are the real-life coward, the shameless liar, the ignoble evader. They truly know that it is their own fault, but they prefer letting others to pay for his or her mistakes or problems by lying and munipulating the credit card protection.

It is really a shame we once took their orders and offered to them. They don't deserve anything good.

claudia kappen

michelle facktor

mary ellen landes

Middlemen Scam

If you are a middleman pursuing margin and sales hardly, but with no price,no quality, no production line to compete manufacturer, what can you do? Playing dirty tricks.
Click here to get the full details of 7 dirty tricks the middlemen will play to trick you.

Reviews Industry and Resellerrating scam

Good or bad reviews has been a dirty industry: Many ghostwriters fabricate good reviews to help sellers to cheat buyers. The review website then is using bad reviews to extorting sellers.

Dirty industry of 5 stars reviews

They are professional fabricators who can make good reviews and eliminate bad reviews as long as you pay them. We get their self-recommendation emails every week. Click here to know the full details of how the "Review Dark Industry" help bad sellers scam buyers

Resellerrating scam

It is very ironic this review website Resellerratings has very bad reviews about itself. Click to know further about Resellerrating scam, see how notorious they are with extortions.

Our response and attitude for "Bad Reviews"

We are very lucky, during this long 20+ years dealing, 99.99% of customers are nice and kind, they are the power source for us to come to today and go for future.
We therefore open a particular column to records the dealings with them, because the nice moment shall not be washed away by time.

For those "Bad reviews" writers who want to use those to achieve their dirty purposes, here is what you shall listen well:
1. Do whatever you want, we never fear and never surrender. If you fuck us, we will 100% fuck you back.
2. We already have started investigation and proof collection, we will take and already have taken legal actions, we promise you will face huge compensation as the "favor" we return to you.

For those customers who try to defend us by leaving good reviews on line, such as Craig, and Jay, we really appreciate, but we want to say:
1. Please enjoy your life, and leave those bad guys to us. Those scumbags are not worth of your precious time and attention. Ignorance is the best way to avoid their scams by not bringing flow to those "rating website" and help them to make more money from this dirty industry.
2. We never ask customers to leave good reviews for us. If you are happy and satisfying, share us with some pictures, we will share with other people in our blog or articles, let the joy and happiness spread in our own circle.

For those staggerers and waverers who never deal with us, but asking us about the bad reviews, we just want to say:
If you believe us then stand with us, if you don't believe us then leave us, we never and will not persuade you with the false propagandas or exaggerated slogans.

Legal Actions

In 2023, We have started the law suits against claudia kappen, michelle facktor, mary ellen landes, candace snyder, as well as resellerrating for their fraud and illegal behaviors. More details can be foud via Legal Actions with constant updates for the whole process.