Choose us due to bad reviews

We Need Your Support to Fight and Keep on

Though we ask the buyers to click and check whether you should choose us or search elsewhere, we are calling people to choose to be with us.
We want you to choose us due to those bad reviews, especially for the people who love peace, respect others, believe in science.

We can not survive, develop and prosper without you

NOT just economically, but also spiritually. You are our power source to keep on.
1.Even squabble a little bit, still trust and support us and share with us the feedback
2.trying to help us with good reviews voluntarily even we never asked
3.Tolerate our small mistakes and never withhold their positive words and compliments
4.Treat us as a friend and give us the update and feedback
5.Update us with the arrival news even sometimes we are too busy to track for each customer
6.Trust our professional in customization and let us choose the color swatch for him
7.Honestly tell us about his worries, and share with us his happiness
8.Keeping coming back to us even being silent at the first
9.Get damaged items at the first, still keep grateful without cursing and blaming
10.When installation has problem, being clam and listen to our explanation instead of shouting about quality problem and asking for return
11.even with 5 months' delay, and still patient and grateful
12.Missed the delivery and went to the post office to solve, instead of shouting at us and asking for refund
13.Care about us and always best wishes to people even for strangers
14.Share with us for his contagious happiness when receiving a lovely product, one email is not enough, two emails
15.Tell us his happiness and appreciation, one email is not enough, two emails
16.Help us to correct website mistakes, just because "I like your product and prices"
17.Let her family member involved into complimenting us and let us involved into more of her needs
18.Wanted to leave us good reviews even the transaction is canceled
19.Use an exclamation marks at the end of the feedback, do you know what it means to a person with a non-talkative style whose every email has less than 10 words?

VIP Accounts to Nice Customers

We will give those nice customers the VIP account and membership, thanking them for supporting us all the way!
With our VIP account, you will not only get discounts and cash back for each dealings, but also favourable policy such as free sourcing and etc.
Click here to know more about our VIP account and membership.

Who wrote those bad reivew online?

Internet Rioter

1.Insult us with no reason trying to keep his superior feelings over others, this Vietnamese American Jeffrey Nguyen working with Hallmark Cards, will be sued together with his company.Don't click if you don't want to see his ugly face.
2.Curse and shout at us when his expected price didn't achieve
3.Trying to use bad reviews for eliminating the shipping fee and failed
4.Trying to use bad reviews as a threat for discounts
All of them are nailed on this board.

We are here warning those Internet Rioter and Real-life Losers: We are not afraid of your bad reviews at all.If you fuck us, we will 100% fuck you back. You'd better get your ass off far away from our sights, otherwise, we will trace you, locate you, expose you, take legal actions against you. We will make you suffer and pay the price for your criminal behaviors.

Bad Reviews Industry

Under the table, the Bad Reviews has become an industry already.
They push sellers to buy their membership to delete bad reviews. Not just us, many sellers have the same experience: bad reviews appearing on the reviews websites and asked to pay to eleminate
They provide freelancing service to fabricate good reviews and push down the bad reviews.
Click here to dig into more details about this dirty industry.

Middlemen Scam

They don't produce, they sell in order to scam.
Search "infurn" online, you will know how squalid those scammers are, the scammed buyers even created websites particularly cursing it for taking their money away without shipping anything. Then after this "infurn" disappeared, some other "Xfurn" comes out, such as enfurn, Gnfurn
Click here to know the details about this middlemen scam, don't buy anything from those middlemen especially from Canada and UK.

Where can you find the authentic reviews about us?

The authentic customers are always quiet.
They place the order, make the payment, get the parcel, use the product, they wouldn't make a sound unless there is a problem.
So asking them to leave feedbacks is bothering them, no mention writing good reviews and posting online to promote ourselves. So usually we don't ask for feedbacks or reviews from our customers at all. If they want to express, we would listen, if no, then let it be.
That is also why if we want to show you the feedbacks, we have to capture the pictures from email or text message, and we have to hide their contact to protect the privacy.
We are no interested to fabricate good reviews just as many middlesellers do, those dirty tricks are only used by those low-lives.

You can click here to view the reviews and feedbacks from the emails of customers which we have collected before.
Follow the link above, you can also go through the details when we deal with different types of customers, as well as the true bad review we once had.
Because we are too busy right now, we don't have enough time to collect all the recent feedbacks, but we will try to post them from time to time. Even though the feedbacks and reviews above were collected before, but it can reveal the 100% truth.