Choose us due to bad reviews

I. True feedbacks and Reviews

There are some fake bad reviews online about us, and we have no intention to argue for them Because we don't want to waste time on it. But we don't want to see innocent people to be misled, so we post the true feedbacks about us here.

Please understand one important thing that, the real customers are always quiet.
They place the order, make the payment, get the parcel, use the product, they wouldn't bother to make a sound unless there is a problem.
So asking them to leave feedbacks is a bothering thing, no mention asking them to take time writing good reviews to promote ourselves. So usually we don't ask for feedbacks or reviews from our customers at all. If they want to express, we would appreciate, if no, then let it be. (That is also why if we want to show the feedbacks, we have to capture the pictures from email.)
Just as "No news is the good news", here "No feedback is the good feedback".

There are many middle sellers who pretend to be customers and write good reviews by themselves. But we NEVER DO FAKE REVIEWS as some Canadian middleman and a notorious USA review website usually do.

so here we will publish the authentic feedbacks from our real customers that you will not only see their words but the whole transactions between seller and buyer including tracking No., corresponds (private information will be shielded as protection).

1. Latest feedbacks of 2018-2017

We choose some feedbacks from 2018, 2017 from the email. You can click to view the details of the transactions and the customers' feedbacks.

2. True dealings with real customers

Here we reveal 4 examples to show you how we do transactions with customers of different types:
In this way, you will grasp a clue of how your transaction would be.
individual home
film company
business office by owner
restaurant by designer

3. Feedbacks and reviews from social media

We have some customers who posted their experience with us in some official social media with supportive data instead of on some fake review website. Their experience could give you helpful information.

Click to know the true Feedbacks and reviews from social media.

4. Previous feedbacks from the emails (2010,2011,2012)

Suffered from the fake bad reviews and blackmail from the notorious review website on 2010, we gathered those feedbacks from our true customers as fight back.
Fortunately after 2012, more and more customers realized the scam from the middlemen and the notorious review website, so we didn't gather too many feedbacks after 2012.
But those feedbacks from email during 2010 and 2012 are authentic, you can know from them how the real customers feel about our craftsmanship and service, it is also an indication how bad the evil ally to affect honest sellers, not just us, which you can see from the below article, they are robbing many people.

Click to know the Previous feedbacks from the emails of 2010,2011,2012

5.Our worldwide customers and partner

We have expanded our business network worldwide, click to know our worldwide customers and partners.

II.True bad reviews

There is one bad review among those fake bad reviews, which we admit as a very true bad review, which also became the trigger and spur for building our whole system.

Click to know the whole story and how this True Bad View Spur Us to Build the System to Supply Factory Wholesale Price to Retail Buyers.

III.Scam Ally of Middlemen with certain notorious review website

Many customers have been misled and scammed by some middleman who tries to defame us by posting bad reviews on certain notorious review website which uses bad reviews to force sellers to buy their membership.
This evil ally plays a good role in misleading innocent people to buy their overpriced products.

Before you click the links below to see all real proof to reveal their scams, please do take actions as below:

Don't buy from the middlemen,no matter how fancy they say.

You can buy from resellers, distributors or wholesalers verfied and vouched by manufacturers.

NEVER click and NEVER trust this notorious review website.

Once you pay attention to their website, they will scam you or scam others with that attention.

Click here to know the Middlemen Scam.

Click here to know the Review Website Scam.

And we already report their vicious activities to google so they will be banned from google, and we will take legal actions against them very soon.