Film Project for Twenty First City

We were contacted by Jason Hougaard on 11th of July for some Barcelona style short benches with customized length which were needed before 1st of August while the payment could only be arranged on 17th of July due to their business account setting up problem with the bank.

So, including the delivery time, we only had less than 2 weeks for the production.

To finish this project, instead of waiting for their full amount through business account, we only charged them $1000 as deposit from their personal credit card, and prepared all the procedures for production, and on 17th, when the full money arrived through bank, we refunded them the credit card payment, and finished the products only within 6 days (6 workers made overwork of 3 full nights), and used air express to ship the items.

Finally we got the items arrived 2 days ahead of the deadline.

The 12pcs short benches offered from us will be shown on their film of "Equals" in 2015.

Pictures of finished products were sent before the shipment to confirm with the buyer that everything was fine and no problem.




After the items were handled over to our shipping company and air express, we kept tracking and pushing to ensure they would arrive on time.

Finally the items arrived 2 days ahead of the deadline.

And the buyer's feedback came with satisfaction.