Middlemen Scam

4 dirty tricks of Middlemen scam

With the improvement of our supply system, we are able to supply the lowest Factory Wholesale Price with no bulk quantity required, more and more customers come to us, which causes middlemen in the local market to lose profit sharply, so some of them try to use tricks and illegal means to regain the business.

Typically they would use 4 scam tricks to the buyers and manufacturer sellers like us.

Trick No.1: Fabricate good reviews about themselves.

You would see the typical fake good reviews in the notorious review website (please refer to review website scam and know how this notorious review website scams people) just as below:

How can you tell this good review is a fake one?
Actually if you have a common business sense, you will find there are many unreasonable points in this review:

First, for many individuals, they don't bother to give good reviews after buying, for business buyers, they 100% would not take any efforts to make good reviews and promote others.
We have dealt with thousands of business buyers, and none of them would be willing to spend time on that kind of review things. The only bonus from business buyers when they are satisfied with your products and service are: they will keep buying from you and recommending to other business connections.
Go through this true transaction that we had with Atlanta West Dentistry, who was actually recommended by another business customer, but we didn't know about this recommendation at all after long time of the transaction was finished.

Second, it said this "company buyer" bought a large quantity of furniture, and "delivered yesterday", is that possible within just 24 hours, this "large quantity" of furniture were all unopened, installed and checked and so this "company buyer" was convinced to give this good review?

Third, if you check the review date of 2016.04.08, it was Friday, and the review time is almost 15:00 PM. Everybody knows in USA, when it comes to 15:00PM Friday, you either rush to finish the jobs so you can enjoy the weekend, or already prepare to leave the workplace as it would be a traffic jam soon. But at this important moment, this "company buyer" was still so contributing to spend time for good reviews to promote others.

Just use a little bit brain, your intuition will tell you, this kind of "good reviews" for those middlemen are totally something fishy. No need to say about those good reviews on their own website, they can exaggerate anything they want.

Trick No.2: Make fake bad reviews to defame manufacturer sellers just as us, so people will buy from them for the products they actually purchase from us, and they can make a big margin with no efforts at all.

Go through the captured pictures of their purchase email with us and their selling email with the buyer, you can see the middlemen spent $1030 to purchase the barcelona chairs from us, and sold to the buyer at $1770, they made the margin of more than USD700 without taking any efforts, as all the processes including production, packing, shipping were done by us while they didn't do anything.

Trick No.3: The middlemen scam buyers without shipping orders, disappear suddenly over night.

Most middlemen are empty-shell companies, some of them are very notorious. Search "infurn" online, you will know how squalid those scammers are, the scammed buyers even created websites particularly cursing it for taking their money away without shipping anything.

The fly-by-night company of this kind can shut down their websites after the scam, and easily register other websites such as "enfurn" or "infurn" to resume their dirty tricks.

So dealing with middlemen has the 100 times risks than dealing with the manufacturer, at least we have factories in China, have warehouses and company registered in USA, which are impossible to "fly by night".

Trick No.4: Exaggerate the quality they are selling, using bad materials pretending good one, so they can make huge profit.

Most middlemen would use the best words for their products, but they probably have the no clues for their meaning at all and definitely they will use material as low as possible to enlarge the margin, as long as the product can survive for first 1-2 years, because they can disappear at that time and change another name to start again their tricks.

For example, most middlemen claimed they use Aniline Leather, but 99% of them are using fake aniline leather.

Go through this article, you will have a clue how the middlemen using fake Aniline leather for the real one.

What you should do with Middlemen scam

You just need to do 3 things to avoid the middlemen scam.

1. Don't trust them. 99% of their good reviews are fake

2. Don't buy from them, no matter how low their price is

3. Buy from the resellers, distributors or wholesalers verified and vouched by manufacturers, because even the merchants went south, the maker with much powerful capital and capacity can support and protect you even after a long time.