Resellerratings Scam

From the fake bad reviews o us to see through Resellerratings scam

We will help you see through the scam of this review website via several bad reviews about us posted on their website intensively in May of 2010.

All the captured pictures below are authentic and real, click them to see larger and clearly.

First you can see from this bad review about BarcelonaChairFactory.com, the "buyer" put on his comment on 2rd of May, 2010, saying he bought the chair from us 4 months ago, which should be 2rd of January of 2010.

But if you check our registration certification of BarcelonaChairFactory.com, we registered this domain on 20th of December, 2009, and it took us one month to finish this website and then published.

If this "buyer" bought the chairs from us 4 months ago, which means he bought from our website which we hadn't published.

Second, please go through those fake bad reviews on our website of modernfurniturefactory.com

Please check our registration certificate for ModernFurnitureFactory.com which was registered on 15th of Feb, 2010.

Based on those bad reviews of those "buyers",they bought the bubble chairs from us 5 or 6 months ago from the time they posted those bad reviews, which was December of 2009 or January of 2010. But at that time, ModernFurnitureFactory.com even hadn't been registered yet.

Can you believe now those bad reviews are nothing but just some FAKE and NONSENSE?

What is more, all those bad reviews are in uniform formats as: "bought from us several months ago", "didn't receive it", "bad quality when arrival", and "never buy from again". It is just a tool that someone behind manipulates for some dirty purpose.

At first, we were confused just as you about those suddenly pop-up unreasonable bad reviews, but soon, we got the emails from this website as below, asking us to join their membership, of couse, after paying the menbership fee.

Of course, we NEVER SURRENDER to this Goddamn review webiste, and NEVER pay a penny to them, though even until today they still send emails trying to ask us to pay them.

More and more sellers and buyers are scammed and condemn this notorious resellerratings

Many sellers encountered this defame, fraud and blackmail by this DESPICABLE, SHAMELESS AND LOWLY review website, click to enlarge the captured pictures to see their true experiences:

What we should do to Resellerratings Scam?

Resellerrating Scam is using very smart dirty tricks: they first makes fake bad reviews to force sellers to buy their membership, if the sellers buy, then they make good money.

If the sellers don't buy, who very likely will invite their customers to leave good reviews to justify those bad reviews, but this will bring lots of visting flow to this scam review website, and they would use this visiting flow to make money from google advertisement compaign--Google Adsense.

So no matter what you do about those fake bad reviews, as long as you pay attention on them, they make huge profit for themselves, they give no shit on the profit of buyers or the reputation of sellers. They only want money.

We have reported their fake actions to google many times and ask google to ban this site from their Adsense compaign. And soon we will take legal actions against this scam website and let them pay huge for their fake bad reviews.

and we hope all the Honest and Right-minded people can support us as well as all other people suffering from this notorious website, defeat it for justice, by the actions below:1. NEVER click this website.2. Never Trust this website.