True bad review for BarcelonaChairFactory

Among those fake bad reviews, there is a true bad review, which we must admit and which also had become the trigger and spur for building our whole system.

This bad review was posted by a buyer named Diana Wellenbrink.

In 2009, Diana Wellenbrink contacted us, placed an order for several items, including 2pcs Barcelona style chairs with 2 pcs ottomans, 1 pcs Barcelona style long bench, 6pcs of LCW chairs, 1pcs of Florence 3 seaters sofa and 1pcs of Florence loveseat sofa. Totally 13pcs furniture, $1819, plus a shipping fee to her door address for $645. Total was $2464,

Here was the invoice for her.

If you look at the invoice, there are 2 points with deeper backgrounds:

1. The price for each item was extremely low, if the buyer bought them from the USA market, the lowest price she needed to pay, no matter at that time or nowadays, would be more than $5000. That is because we offered her manufacturer wholesale price without bulk quantity requirement.

2. We collected the shipping fee together with item costs before the production started, so once the items were finished, they can be shipped instantly without waiting for a second payment, but actually, the shipping fee was forwarded later entirely to another party, because we were unable to handle importations to USA door address. And the buyer said she could neither. So we hired a USA shipping agent for her,and there was an independent shipping contract between the buyer and the agent, when the cargo arrived at USA seaport, the agent would use buyer's SSN to clean USA customs and arranged inland transportation to her.

Wholesale Low Price from the factory, while importation handled by the buyer (or the representing agent), this is typically an very old business running model started from as early as 2000 years ago when the famous Silk Road arosed: Foreign purchasers (most were middle sellers) collected items from Chinese manufacturers, and handled the whole process until the cargo arriving the door address of end buyers.

In the past decades, we have finished numerous international transactions, during which we got to be familiar with the shipping process to foreign countries, so we try to change this old business model, since we have known some good shipping agent, why didn't we hire them for the inexperienced buyers? So the buyers could be able to buy directly from us, thus save big money from buying from middlemen?

The new business model did open a good chance for the buyers to get a much better price, but problems came soon:

1.First of all, unpredictable and unexpected fees

Since the shipping fees were collected already before the shipment and the shipping agent needed to clean the customs in the name of the buyers, there were always some fees arising from the process such as US customs which couldn't be predicted, and must be paid by the importer, which were the buyers themselves in this situation.

One customer posted his true experience about this in the forum: https://www.fatwallet.com/forums/hot-deals/1017619

Some other customers strongly denied the second payment, and in some circumstances, we need to "beg" them to pay, click pictures below to see the communications and invoice from another customer who also bought at factory wholesale price, with who if we didn't "beg", you would see another angry bad review online for sure.

2.Second, damages during the shipments.

This bad review poster, Diana Wellenbrink exactly fell into this situation.

The 2 sofas with a total value of $600 in the shipment were damaged in the US seaport during the unloading, but since we didn't handle the shipping but let she made contract with the shipping agent independently, we didn't and hadn't any responsibilities to purchase any additional service including seafreight insurance for her.

But Diana didn't understand this, she blamed us and asked for compensation, we thought we already offered the lowest wholesale price with tiny profit to save her nearly two thousands dollars, and we were not responsible for the shipping problem we couldn't control, then she used the bad reviews to press and the situation went into a terrible quarrel.

But if checking the emails between her and us before the shipping problems happened, we had taken care of her order very carefully and she was very happy with our service.



So we Learned lessons from this bad review, contemplated all the troubles and problems, made our minds to change this bad situation. We wanted to continue the new business model of offering the end buyers the lowest factory wholesale price without middlemen margin, but we would not make ourselves be scolded to death by the buyer as Diana Wellenbrink for $600 any more.

So from that time on, we started our own shipping company, set up our own USA distributors, rented the warehouses in the local market, connected with numerous resellers.

We imported the cargo in the name of ourselves, so buyers will not worry any unpredictable fees. We handle all the shipping affairs, and responsible for any transportation problems or damages. After the one-time payments, what the buyers only need to do is opening the door when the delivery man shows up.

By doing this, the disputes and problems drop sharply. From 2009 we set up the account until now, nearly 10 years, we only have totally 28 disputes.

So that is the whole story of this true bad review.

Finally, we would say, no sellers in this world want bad reviews, but this bad review changed us which we appreciate very much. And we would appreciate even more if as a buyer, you give us sincere criticism without bad reviews. We will definitely keep improving us all the time.