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Why Empty feedbacks?

For quite a long time, we have left this part-the feedbacks from our real customers-empty, because for one reason, we are too busy with our productions and transactions.

For the second reason, we never want to fabricate good reviews on our website to induce people just as many sellers do.

If we want to show you the real feedbacks, we will disclose all the authentic proof, including the communications via emails, text messages, the shipping sheet and tracking details which can all be verified via shipping website, such as UPS or USPS, as well as pictures and etc.

Because of this "truth" principle, "feedbacks from customers" column has been a huge project, which means, after our sales respond to 300+ emails everyday, following all the ongoing orders, we need to work overtime to collect related data of feedbacks and sort out.

Why disclose real transaction?

We disclose some of transactions with customers as below, with 3 exact purposes:

First, to show you our authentic transactions procedures with our customers, within which you can see how we double check with our customers to avoid possible mistakes, and how to solve problems in the transactions, such as parcel missing in the shipping due to war, how to do when customers bought the wrong items and etc. We have a strict process code with all transaction to prevent any possible mistakes. Thus to let you know about the real transaction, you can understand why we will send you email double checking with you again and again, and how you can do when there is something happen during the transaction.

Second, to show you the true stroies between us and our customers, within which there may be petty quarrels, misunderstandings, distrusts, impatiences, but after communication, we finally understand each other and together make a successful dealing.

Third, to record the touching moments between us and our customers. With those nice people, selling and buying is not just an exchange of money and products any more, but actually a great journey to enjoy beautiful feelings and emotions from human beings. We care about them, they love us. Money has been never the motion of our work and efforts, you are.

You can keep the attention

More data is uploading and will be completed before the end of Nov.
1. Feedback from Stacey
2. Straps missing, but resent to Justin
3. A successful customization for Robin
4. Feedback from Sam Frank
5. Kathrine ordered some lamps
6. Feedback from Sean C
7. Typhoon caused parcel missing for Scot
8. 10 months delay for Harendra
9. Feedback from David Peacock
10. Checking with Melissa about the arrival
11. Craig wrote good reviews for us voluntarily
12. Laura purchased the wrong color
13. No Authorized Recipient for Mike's order
14. Quick dealing with James
15. Multiply delays of Blue's order
16. Smooth transaction with Max
17. Smooth transaction with Regan
18. Technical question from Rip
19. Double checking several times with Marco to ensure he got the satisfying table lamp
20. Albert helps us with website English voluntarily
21. Film Project for Twenty First City
22. Office Project for Atlanta West Dentistry
23. Restaurant Project for Reaching Quiet
24. Home Project for Noah Kaufman

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